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Kenmore over-the-range microwaves achieves a sophisticated, built-in look while maximizing countertop space. Our microwave lineup makes it easy to cook, defrost, or warm food with a pre-programmed button. Sensors that know what food is in the microwave oven adjust heat as it cooks.

Countertop microwaves are easy to move, compact, but with plenty of internal capacity. These powerful Kenmore appliances will make your meal preparation a breeze. Cooking for whole family can be time consuming, relax and let your microwave take the load off your mind.

Like over-the-range microwaves, built-in microwaves free up valuable countertop space. These microwave ovens are integrated into an oven, for a cohesive style in the kitchen. Combine with similarly styled appliances and you'll be the envy of your neighbors. Other models have more lenient placement options, anywhere from under the counter or into an island. Features can include sensor cooking and auto defrost, removing the guesswork from cooking.

Need something for your appliance? Find the ideal trim kit to give your microwave a streamlined, built-in look that blends your decor. Our microwave parts & accessories section has what you're looking for.

If you need more information to decide which Kenmore microwave is perfect for you, consult our buying guide here!