Front-Load Washers: Kenmore® front-load washers combine innovative technology with the features you want and performance you expect. Known for their environmentally friendly water usage and folding space up above, these washers work in any size home. Get more laundry done in a range of capacities designed to fit a variety of spaces. Explore models with cycles that help you get smaller loads done in 24 minutes and technology that uses six motions to get clothes clean while being extra gentle with delicates.

Top-Load Washers: Whether you’re tossing in a full load of laundry or a small pile of delicates, you’re sure to find the right Kenmore® top-load washer for your home right here. From sleek and modern designs to powerful cleaning technology, our top-load washers are ideal for busy families with loads and loads of laundry to do. Some of our top-load washers feature a Triple Action® Impeller, which uses a three-part wash motion to make easy work out of dirty laundry. Smart technology, which helps you start a load, schedule maintenance and even download new wash cycles all from your smartphone. Best of all, there’s no need to bend over when loading and unloading laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Twin Load: These pedestal washers pair with any front-load washer of similar width to help you wash two loads at the same time. While the main tub takes on normal to large loads like towels and clothing, the pedestal washer can help you get the same effective clean for special-care loads below. Featuring Smart Motion™ Technology, which blends up to three different wash motions, pedestal washers provide custom care and cleaning for a variety of fabrics and six custom care cycles for pretreating stains, and there’s even a cycle for keeping the tub fresh.