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If you’ve noticed a buildup of chalky limescale around your faucet or your skin feels dry and itchy upon showering, then you may have hard water. Keep this annoying surplus of minerals away from your family's water with a Kenmore water softener. Hard water is safe to drink, but the pros of owning a water softener far outweigh the cons. Kenmore water softeners prevent large particles of sediment from entering your plumbing. This keeps the colors in your clothing vibrant, dishes and glassware scale-free, and relieves your dry, itchy skin. Our water softeners are NSF certified and come with features like IntelliSoft2 and an Ultra-Flow valve. IntelliSoft2 uses up to 20% less salt and 32% less water*, and the Ultra-Flow valve provides 41% better flow than the high-flow valve. If you have a smartphone, consider our Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener. Connect your smart softener to the Kenmore Smart App, and you can track your softener systems from anywhere. Track excessive daily water use, salt levels, and receive alerts about potential issues. If you have any water softener questions, please contact 1-800-426-9345 for help.

*Compared to Kenmore water softeners sold since 2001.