Electric Ranges: Our electric ranges allow for easy multitasking, cleaning and element configuration, making them the ideal appliance for busy families who like to eat in. Multiple cooking elements make it a snap to simmer, sear and boil in pots and pans of all sizes. Equipped with features that hold food at a ready-to-eat temperature, easy-to-clean cooktops and ovens that evenly distribute heat, our electric range lineup makes it simple to find the right fit for your kitchen.

Gas Ranges: Simmer, boil, sear and cook everything with the satisfying flame power of gas burners and ovens. Designed to make getting meals on the table less of a hassle, these Kenmore® gas ranges combine easy-to-use controls with functions and features that make cooking easier, faster and better. Our gas ranges don’t just make cooking simpler and faster, they look good, too! These ovens range in size, style and finish (like stainless steel, black and white) to add a touch of style in any home kitchen.

Dual Fuel Ranges: A powerful combination of gas-powered cooktops and electric ovens, these dual fuel ranges are a versatile and stylish addition to any kitchen. From simmering at 5,000 BTU to a roaring boil at 21,000 BTU, these cooktops masterfully handle it all and add signature Kenmore® style to any kitchen space. There’s plenty of room to cook, bake and broil in the spacious oven below. All dual fuel ovens come equipped with convection cooking, ensuring even heat dispersion with a hidden third element that blows the hot air around the entire oven.

Range Parts & Accessories: Need something for your appliance? Search for and order range parts and accessories for your range, such as range connectors, range hood filters, cooktop cleaning cream and flute extensions.