Sticks & Handhelds

Kenmore stick and handheld vacuums are the ideal choice for those living in an apartment or for quick office cleaning. A cord-free experience means you no longer have to wrap up the cord, or risk tripping yourself over. These cordless vacuum cleaners use a docking station to charge, standing upright and out of the way. Each charge gives these vacuums 18 minutes of total runtime, more than enough to clean your space. Powered by NiMH batteries, these bagless vacuums use cyclonic-action systems to grab dirt and dust from all your flooring. Portability of handheld and stick vacuums means they're easy to carry, and easy to put away. Take advantage of this freedom by cleaning vacuuming air vents, bookshelves, and hard to reach places without any struggle. If you have a pet, no longer will you need to get out a big bulky vacuum cleaner when they shed! Check out our Kenmore stick and handheld vacuum cleaners today.