Laundry in the World of Kenmore®

Kenmore turns laundry day into laundry hour. It’s being both powerful and gentle. And fitting it all in one load. That’s more of what matters. That’s Kenmore.

*22342-Among leading brand 27” top loading washplate washers less 3.9 cu. ft. and under. Based on AHAM cleaning score using a 8lb. load on normal cycle with default setting.

With Accela Wash® feature activated washing a 10 lb. load on Normal cycle, default settings

Among the leading brands of top-loading washers.

§100% cotton, RN# 15099 from Sears, each weighs 0.90 lbs. new, and are 49" x 25" new.

When washing a 20-lb. load using Accela Wash® option on normal cycle.