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Coin-Operated Washers: Because coin-operated washers can withstand high traffic, these machines are a great choice for hotels, small laundromats or anywhere else that needs the durability of a commercial washer. From the industrial-grade model whose wash basket can withstand the toughest use, to the more compact coin-operated washer that handles average clothing loads with ease, there’s a coin-operated washer to fit your facility’s needs — and you can charge for it!

Coin-Operated Dryers: Durable, industrial-grade and full of drum space, these coin-operated dryers can easily accommodate bulky blankets and towels, as well as a regular load of laundry or even a pile of delicates while providing a thorough, efficient dry. Temperature settings allow customers to select the drying power they need, while the wide-set door makes it easy to load and unload. Just like the coin-operated washers, the coin-operated dryers come with factory-installed coin boxes that let you set the desired price per load, while the lock-based opening keeps coins secure.

Laundry Centers: Delivering effective and gentle cleaning performance while maximizing the washtub space, stacked washers and dryers make for a great space-saving laundry combo. Their vertical orientation makes them ideal for homes and apartments looking to minimize their washer/dryer footprint. Don’t be fooled by their space-saving design — some of our laundry centers can clean up to 23 large bath towels in a single load and complete a single load of laundry in under 50 minutes with features and cycles that achieve an effective, quick clean.

Portable Washers: The Kenmore® 1.6 cu. ft. Top-Load Compact Washer delivers big performance for smaller spaces. These washers have six cycles and three temperatures to wash various loads effectively, while a flat impeller delivers a gentle clean. Lid locking keeps little hands from interfering with the wash, while the stainless steel wash basket resists dents, chips and corrosion. Best of all, if you’ve got tight space, this compact washer can be stacked with an optional stacking kit.

All-in-One Washer and Dryer: Get laundry washed and dried without the chore of loading wet clothes into the dryer. These all-in-one models are perfect for those with limited space and still provide family-sized capacity designed to care for all fabric types. Get an 8-lb load of laundry done in three hours with the Accela Wash® cycle, and place this model anywhere in your home because ventless drying requires no external venting source.