Built-In Dishwashers

Kenmore built-in dishwashers fit snug into your kitchen. Designed to install into the counter, these dishwashers will easily blend into your decor. All Kenmore dishwashers use great cleaning features, including PowerWash, MicroClean, TurboZone, and SmartDry. Nobody likes scrubbing off dried food, so let the the dishwasher do it for you! Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can opt for console controls, hidden controls, and panel ready designs. Pick a dishwasher that matches the rest of your kitchen appliances for a uniform look. If a quiet, silent cycle is a priority then check out our low dBa dishwashers, ranging from 39 dBa to 59 dBa. Whether you need to clean party dishes, or crusty cooking pans, buy a Kenmore dishwasher for a satisfying wash.