Kenmore 9000056015 Water Heater Thermocouple Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part

Kenmore 9000056015 Water Heater Thermocouple Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part

Item # A029118247 Model # 9000056015
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Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts! Water heater thermocouple 9000056015 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some gas water heaters in the following series: Kenmore 153; State GPX, GS6, and GSX; AO Smith GCV,GVR, XCV, XGV, XVR and GCN; and Reliance 630 and 640. Thermocouple 9000056015 monitors the pilot light to ensure it's lit and closes the gas valve if it detects a loss of flame. To replace, remove the burner door assembly, release the wire connector clip, remove the wire connector, pull out the thermocouple and replace it with the new one; be careful to not bend or alter the position of any pilot assembly components. Replaces original gas water heater thermocouple parts 9000056 and 6900725. Model numbers this part fits: 153330620, 153330632, 153330642, 153330652, 153330660, 153330942, 153330952, 153330960, 153330970, 153331242, 153331252, 153331280, 153331290, 153331472, 153331572, 153332420, 153336270, 153336333, 153336334, 153336340, 153336372, 153336382, 153336433, 153336434, 153336444, 153336472, 153336482, 153336490, 153336530, 153336572, 153336582, 153339270, 153339372, 153339432, 153339473, 153339482, 153339492, 153339530, 153339572, 630HJRS101, 630YJRS100, 640HCRS103, 640HJRS103, 640YCRS102, 640YJRS102, GCV40-200, GCV40-201, GCV50-200, GCV50-201, GCVH40L-200, GCVH40L-201, GCVL40-200, GCVL40-201, GPX40HXRT201, GPX40YXRT200, GPX50HXRT201, GPX50YXRT200, GS630UORT100, GS630YBRA100, GS640HBRA103, GS640HBRS201, GS640HBRT201, GS640HOCT201, GS640UBRT100, GS640UOCT100, GS640YBRA100, GS640YBRA102, GS640YBRS200, GS640YBRT200, GS640YOCS200, GS640YOCS201, GS640YOCT200, GS650HBRT201, GS650HOCT201, GS650UBRT100, GS650UOCT100, GS650YBRT200, GS650YOCT200, GS650YRRA100, GSX40YBRS200, GSX40YBRT200, GSX50YBRT200, GVR40-200, GVR40-201, GVR50-200, GVR50-201, GVRL40-200, GVRL40-201, XCV40-200, XCV40-201, XCV50-200, XCV50-201, XCVL40-200, XCVL40-201, XGV40-200, XGV40-201, XGV50-200, XGV50-201, XVR40-200, XVR40-201, XVR50-200, XVR50-201

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SSIN : A029118247

UID : 702b8a57-a13f-48ef-a854-a384e6389f0d

MfgPartNumber 9000056015
ItemPNO SPM12386623516
BrandName Kenmore
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