Built-In Dishwashers: If you’re looking to create a streamlined, modern-looking kitchen, check out our built-in dishwashers. The Kenmore® lineup of quiet, modern and spacious built-in dishwashers comes in a variety of styles designed to suit your kitchen with innovative features and wash cycles that get every dish clean, every time. No one wants to soak and scrub dishes all day; that’s why our dishwashers use TurboZone® with four rotating spray jets to blast off baked-on, caked-on messes from casserole dishes and lasagna pans — no presoaking required. If it’s silence you seek, Kenmore® dishwashers range from 39 to 59 dBA (dishwashers are rated in decibels; the lower the number, the quieter the dishwasher), meaning this lineup has dBAs so low that the dishwashers won’t interrupt your daily activities. Whether you need to clean an everyday load or your entire dinner party set, there’s a Kenmore® dishwasher ready to handle it all.

Portable Dishwashers: Kenmore® portable dishwashers provide all the power and performance of a full-sized dishwasher without sacrificing space in smaller kitchens and hold eight to ten place settings with ease. Don’t be fooled by their size — these portable dishwashers come packed with various cycles and the same exceptional cleaning performance you expect from Kenmore®. This lineup features ENERGY STAR® certified models that reduce water temperatures and shorten wash cycles in an effort to use less water. Best of all, when company’s coming over or you just need a little extra space, these portable dishwashers can be stored away and out of sight. The Kenmore® 1715 model even comes with a butcher-block laminate top that can double as a stylish work surface.

Dishwasher Parts and Accessories: The stainless steel dishwasher connector kit includes two brass elbows and a water supply adapter to work for any type of installation.