Electric Cooktops

Kenmore electric cooktops deliver features and element versatility helps you cook with precision. Electric cooktops are flat and easy to clean, no more cleaning the nooks and crannies of a gas burner. From radiant glass to standard coils, there's an electric cooktop to suit every kitchen style. Cooking has never been easier, turn on the heat without having to worry about gas leaks. Ever considered an electric induction cooktop? Induction uses electromagnetic energy to heat faster and use less energy than other cooktops. The ceramic glass surface makes the cooktop cool to the touch. Only the food in the pan gets hot, the rest of the surface and pan stays cool due to a magnetic field. This magnetic field senses the cookware and heats according to the exact surface size. One of the best appliances for a chef that needs precision. Kenmore electric cooktops are available in white, black, and stainless steel.