Downdraft Cooktops: Whether electric- or gas-powered, downdraft cooktops provide the versatility and cooking power you need to get delicious meals on the table. The downdraft ventilation system on these cooktops uses hidden fans to keep odors and smoke from hanging around the kitchen, and prevents steam from billowing up into your face. This ventilation system eliminates the need for bulky overhead hoods and gives kitchens a more streamlined look. The cooktop fans deliver ventilation up to 525 cubic feet per minute of airflow, which is 175 CFM more than the average recommended CFM speed, ensuring total odor/smoke removal.

Electric Cooktops: Kenmore® electric cooktops deliver the kind of element versatility and features you need to cook with precision, get meals on the table, and clean up splatters with ease. There’s an electric cooktop surface to suit every kitchen style and cook’s needs — from radiant glass to standard coils, all electric cooktops are just as durable as they are easy to clean. Ever considered an electric induction cooktop? It uses electromagnetic energy, which heats faster and uses less energy than conventional cooktops, and the ceramic glass surface makes the cooktop cool to the touch. Best of all, the food in the pan is the only thing that gets hot; the rest of the surface maintains its cool due to a magnetic field, which senses the cookware and heats according to the exact surface size.

Gas Cooktops: With their intense heat, Kenmore® gas cooktops are the perfect complement to a built-in wall oven and can fit into existing countertops and kitchen islands for an attractive addition to any kitchen. With features like sealed burners, drip bowls and heavy-duty grates for a sturdy cooking surface, these appliances are truly made for the dedicated home chef. The average gas cooktop delivers a satisfying 7,000 BTU per burner and our Kenmore® gas cooktops are no exception. Our gas cooktops provide burners for all cooking needs, from simmering at 5,000 BTU to a roaring boil at 21,000 BTU.