The Industry’s Most Innovative Kitchen Stand Mixer

amazing features

revolutionary design

The Pour-in Top design lets you quickly and easily add ingredients directly into the mixing bowl at any point in the recipe without topping. The 360-degree Splash Guard allows wet and dry ingredients to be added at high speeds in order to mix without the mess.

mix without the mess

With the exclusive 360° Splash Guard, you can directly turn to maximum speed with no splatters and splashes, no flying flour.

a truly bright idea

The high-capacity 5-qt. bowl is perfect for large and small jobs alike and is illuminated by a bright LED light.

more power to you

10 speeds and a 500-watt motor for all your cooking and baking needs. 88 touchpoint per rotation for thorough mixing and professional results.

easy glide

Move the mixer around the countertop with ease using the Tilt & Glide feature. No heavy lifting required.

dishwasher-safe accessories

Specially-designed Grater and Egg Separator fit perfectly on Pour-In Top. The sturdy Flat Beater, Whisk, and Dough Hook do all the work.

innovation in action

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