home is where the smart is.

Kenmore® Smart Products link with your smart device so wherever you go,* you carry the sense of control, connection and peace-of-mind that comes with home.

That’s Smart. That’s Kenmore®.

it all happens in the app.

Adjust your home’s climate from the car. Check water softener salt levels from the grocery store. Turn up the hot water when your plane lands. That’s smart.

control anywhere

Activate or shut off smart products, make adjustments and set schedules.

real-time monitoring

Get reports on temperature and water/electricity use, plus alerts on any issues.

save energy, water and money

Make real-time adjustments and use long-term data to reduce waste.

setup is easy

Simply download the app and follow quick step-by-step instructions.

connect with products throughout the home

to make life easier. that’s smart.

Kenmore Elite® Smart Hybrid Water Softener

Check salt levels and water use in your Kenmore Elite® Smart Hybrid Water Softener for clean, great-tasting water and lower bills.

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Kenmore® Smart Water Heater

Monitor and control your Kenmore® Smart Water Heater from anywhere to save energy, money and heat your water to perfection.

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Kenmore® Smart Room Air Conditioner

Adjust your Kenmore Elite® Smart Room Air Conditioner anywhere to tailor temperatures, save energy and lower utility bills.

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download the free Kenmore® Smart app

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* Get reporting on temperature, water/electricity use and more, plus immediate alerts on any issue. Remote control and monitoring functionality of Kenmore® Smart products requires a smartphone or tablet, Wi-Fi router with a continuous home Internet connection and the free app. These devices are not included. Supports iPhone® and Android mobile devices. Phone not included with product.s.