connect now.
for smarter living.

Kenmore Smart Appliances connect with your smartphone to do everything smarter and better — so you can, too.

  • refrigerators
  • washers
  • dryers
  • air conditioner
  • water heaters

keep it fresh. keep it efficient.

The Kenmore Smart Refrigerator lets you control and monitor operation from anywhere with just your smartphone. Start cranking out extra ice for an impromptu party. Get an alert if someone forgets to close the door. That’s convenience. That’s smart.

it all happens in the app

  • control anywhere

    Activate Accela Ice and Max Air Filter, plus adjust temperature from anywhere.

  • peek at performance

    Monitor temp, filter life and door open/close status, plus get alerts with any needs.

  • make maintenance easy

    Built-in diagnostics help prevent unnecessary service by making maintenance easier.

  • focus on freshness

    Filter/temperature alerts and airflow control ensure food and water stay fresher.

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dual cool

GeniusCool produces dual cooling zones in the fridge and freezer for ideal temp and humidity.

fresh airflow

CleanFlow Air Filter technology removes odor to keep your fridge fresh.

fresher longer

AirTight Crisper Bin locks in moisture to keep veggies fresh.

easy to organize

SlideAway Shelves and three-tier freezer drawer make storage simple.

conserve energy. stay cool. save money.

The Kenmore Smart Air Conditioner connects with your smartphone for control anywhere. So check your home’s temperature from the office. Drop it a few degrees before a party. Update settings on vacation. That’s convenience. That's smart.

it all happens in the app

  • control on the go

    Turn AC on/off, change settings and set schedules at the touch of a button.

  • real-time temps

    Peek in on real-time temperature data — then adjust or let it be.

  • less energy. more money.

    Run AC only when you need, spending less on utilities and more on living.

  • connecting is easy

    Download the Kenmore AC™ App and follow the simple instructions.

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customize your cool

Eight-way direction control, three cool speeds and four fan speeds adapt to your space.

save energy

12.0 CEER efficiency rating conserves energy and lowers bills.

pump up the volume

Designed to cool spaces up to 1,600 sq. ft.

touch control

An electronic LCD panel makes it easy to change temp, customize and set schedules.

less energy. more peace of mind.

The Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module ensures you have plenty of hot water without waste and saves you from worrying about leaks. Leaving for a weekend? Turn your smart water heater down. Coming home? Turn it back up. Kenmore makes it easy.

it all happens in the app

  • remote control

    View water levels, adjust temp or set schedules from anywhere to heat just what you need.

  • 24/7 monitoring

    Smart sensors detect leaks and ensure proper function — alerting you instantly.

  • save energy & money

    Tailor temperatures to cut unnecessary hot water production and cut back on waste.

  • connecting is easy

    Download the Kenmore Smart app and follow the simple steps.

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made to last

Cobalt Blue Ultra Coat™ Glass Lining protects against corrosion to maximize tank life.

hold in heat

Heat Traps and Foam Insulation prevent heat loss, conserve energy and reduce cost.

fight sediment

RotoSwirl Self-Cleaning Inlet Tube reduces buildup and maintains efficiency.

touch control

An Electronic Touchscreen makes it easy to set temp, change mode and check diagnostics.

drink clean. wash soft. save money.

The Kenmore Smart Hybrid Water Softener keeps you in the loop on water usage and salt levels to lower costs, reduce impurities and eliminate surprises. So forget emergency salt runs or changing filters — and enjoy cleaner, softer water.

it all happens in the app

  • enjoy cleaner, softer water

    Dual softening/filtration purify and remove chlorine taste/odor without filters.

  • save time & money

    Avoid unexpected trips for salt and reduce unnecessary water use.

  • usage monitoring and alerts

    Track flow rate, usage and salt levels — with alerts for low salt or flow issues.

  • connecting is easy

    Download the Kenmore Smart app and follow the simple steps.

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load up on salt

200-pound Salt Capacity lets the softener regenerate automatically.

double your clean

An Extra Carbon Layer removes impurities that a softener alone misses.

forget filters

Cleans water for an entire house without replacing filters.

find your fit

Customize water hard/softness to your preference.

laundry on your terms

The Kenmore Elite ® Smart Washer connects with your smartphone for a new generation of convenience and peace of mind. So check your laundry from your lawn chair. Set a load to finish just as you get home. You're in control.

it all happens in the app

  • customize your clean

    Download new wash cycles and create your own.

  • alerts you when it’s done

    Check washer or dryer status and get alerts when loads finish.

  • wash around your schedule

    Start a load from your phone or pre-set a start/end time.

  • make maintenance easy

    Track usage and receive maintenance alerts.

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fit more

5.2 cu. ft. capacity fits 28 extra-large towels or an entire king-size bedding in one load.

cleaner. faster.

Accela Wash technology gets full loads fully clean in about 29 minutes.

deep steam clean

Steam Treat lets you skip pre-treating common stains with the power of steam.

cut the chemicals

The Sanitize Wash cycle eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria without chemicals like bleach.

perfect convenience

The Kenmore Elite ® Smart Dryer makes it easy to do the laundry on your schedule. It connects with your smart device so you can stay on top of every load without hovering over the machine. Relax and kick back without worrying about what your dryer is doing.

it all happens in the app

  • alerts you when it’s done

    Receive smartphone notifications when the dryer cycle is complete

  • control from anywhere

    Start or stop your dryer, see time remaining in the cycle and receive maintenance alerts.

  • get custom cycles

    Control heat and timing with custom dry cycles you create.

  • make maintenance easy

    Check your lint filter and get dryer diagnositcs on the go.

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bring it on

Large 9.0 cu. ft. capacity can tackle work clothes, towels and even bedding.

cleaner. faster.

Accela Steam technology helps reduce odors, wrinkles and static.

freshen up

Quickly shake out wrinkles from your outfit with Steam Refresh .

do it all

14 dryer cycles provide custom care for everything from delicates to comforters.