Grill Covers

Keep your Kenmore gas or charcoal grills safe from the elements with a Kenmore grill cover. Outdoor cooking is a favorite pastime, and a good grill is a notable investment. A polyester grill cover will help to protect your Kenmore grill from outdoor hazards such as rain, snow, hail, and wind. The grill covers use ventilation slots on the side to help keep the cover on the grill, even in windy conditions. If you live close to the ocean the grill cover will protect against saltwater corrosion and against inclement weather. If you're looking to prolong the life of your grill, consider a grill cover an investment, not one of many accessories. This is especially true if you keep your grill out during the winter months. No matter what Kenmore grill you own, there is a Kenmore grill cover made to protect it for years to come.