Floor Cleaners: Could your floors use some deep cleaning? Check out our Kenmore® floor cleaners, perfect for both hardwood and carpeted areas in your home. Our lineup is designed to buff, scrub and shampoo your carpets and hardwood floors back to their former glory. If you’ve got thick carpeting in need of a deep clean or tile floors with discolored caulking, consider the Kenmore® Multi-Surface Deep Cleaner. This machine is designed to clean your entire home with various brushes to clean carpet, tiled floors and even upholstery. The appliance’s two-motor system creates strong suction — removing more water so the floor can dry quicker — and powers the counter-rotating brushes to clean carpet from all angles. For the ultimate in carpet shampooing and hardwood floor buffing, look no further than the Kenmore® 84973 model. Remove spots and clean high-traffic areas with the power and technology of the professionals right at home.