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    Enjoy best-in-class cleaning* and save up to 60% water and 76% energy** with a generous 3.4 cu. ft. of capacity that cleans 28 XL t-shirts at once.

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    *Among leading brand top-load agitator-based washers 3.4 cu. ft. or less as measured by D.O.E. standards, based on a 14 lb. load. Select models only. **Compared to a deep fill top-load washer manufactured before 2004, using the Normal cycle. Average 10 loads per week.

  • go beyond basic withbest-in-class cleaning.


    Clean more clothes in fewer loads. Wash up to 28 XL t-shirts with up to 3.4 cu. ft. D.O.E. capacity in our durable porcelain wash basket.


    Get best-in-class cleaning* with the Triple Action® Agitator. It moves in three directions while the base moves back and forth, keeping clothes in motion for extra cleaning action.


    Our washers save up to 60% water and 76% energy to use less natural resources and reduce utility costs.


    Protect your wardrobe investment. Bleach mixes with water in the bleach dispenser before it reaches your clothes, so garments are better protected.

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