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No one in its class
performs better**

Efficiency that cleans
whatever the day brings.

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The most powerful
vacuums among
leading brands

make sure no unwanted
guests linger around after
the party ends.

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True HEPA filtration
captures 99.99%
of airborne pollutants

no more worries about dust,
pollen or Fido.

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high-powered grills for
every level grill master

find top-performing grills
for every style.

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*Based on results from leading consumer publication and rating services. **Among leading brand top load washers with washplate systems greater than 4.0 cu. ft. and less than 4.7 cu. ft. as measured by DOE standards, based on an analysis of 4 criteria: AHAM cleaning score for an 8 lb load, DOE EnergyGuide in kWh/yr, average cycle times for an AHAM 8 lb Normal cycle cleaning test, and machine capacity of declared DOE capacity value; total matrix score based on utility score weighting.
† Based on ASTM 558 testing method used at the end of the attachment hose.