Grill Parts & Accessories: This section has it all, from grill mats to a natural gas conversion kit and even a rib rack for getting perfect, tender ribs. If you can think of a part or accessory for your gas or charcoal grill, chances are Kenmore® has probably already created it. If you’re craving kebabs, there are stainless steel skewers and a base set for making tender, juicy kebabs whenever you want them. Want to make fish on the grill, but you’re worried that delicate fish may break into pieces? Get the Kenmore® Chrome Fish Grilling Basket to hold fish in place for easy cooking and easy turning without it flaking apart. Maybe one of your stainless burners isn’t heating up the way it used to? In this section, you will find replacement stainless burners to bring your grill back to top performance. Whether you’re looking for a grill accessory to kick your grilling game up a notch or a replacement part to keep your Kenmore® grill operating at peak performance, you’re sure to find everything you need in Kenmore® grill parts and accessories.