Cooking Tools: Here you will find everything you need to grill, cook pizza and even make a beer-can chicken roast. Explore an array of grilling tools specifically designed for the Kenmore® gas or charcoal grill owner. Would you like to check the temperature of your meats without opening the grill hood? Then check out our grill thermometer and timer that lets you set your desired poultry, beef or lamb temperature — the thermometer will beep when the meat is ready to serve. In the mood to whip up some pizza on the grill, but you don’t want the cheese oozing through the grate? You’ll find our 13” Pizza Stone in this section, complete with a pizza cutter and rack. Just looking for a reliable, durable spatula to flip those patties? Kenmore® has you covered with our stainless steel spatula that allows you to lift and turn everything from burgers to delicate cuts of fish with ease.