Grill Covers: Keep your Kenmore® gas or charcoal grills safe from the elements with a Kenmore® grill cover. Designed specifically for Kenmore® grills, these heavy-duty vinyl grill covers are water-resistant and easy to clean. The heavy-gauge polyester backing adds durability, and the ventilation slots on the sides of the grill cover help cinch the cover to your grill so it stays put, even in windy conditions. Also, take into consideration your area’s climate — if you live somewhere close to the ocean, a grill cover could help reduce saltwater corrosion and protect against inclement weather damages. If you’re looking to prolong the life of your grill, consider a grill cover as an investment — especially if you don’t put your grill in storage during the winter months. No matter what Kenmore® grill you own, there is a Kenmore® grill cover made to protect it for years to come.