Who doesn’t enjoy the smoky taste that can only be achieved by grilling with charcoal? Kenmore charcoal grills are perfect for cooking outdoor, or for family functions. Grilling with charcoal does take more effort than using a gas grill, but the deep, smoky essence makes it worth it. Models like the Kenmore Deluxe Charcoal Grill can handle up to 28 four-inch burgers, so you'll have enough room to feed the whole block! An adjustable charcoal tray makes it simple to control and adjust the heat intensity. Two foldable shelves provide space for grill tools and any ingredients you need. A secondary cooking area functions as the perfect spot to roast vegetables while your meat cooks on the grill. Add wood chips or flavor bricks when you grill with charcoal to add a little extra flavor to your foods. Make outdoor cooking more adventurous with a Kenmore charcoal grill.