Small Kitchen Appliances


Blenders & Accessories: Mix up a smoothie, margarita or soup with ease when you have one of our Kenmore® blenders and accessories in your kitchen. For blending in bulk, check out our 56-oz, six-speed models, while those on the go will enjoy our 20-oz personal blenders that make it easy to blend and run.

Bread Makers: The Kenmore® LCD Bread Maker delivers consistent, professional-quality loaves for tasty garlic bread, toast or a warm complement to any meal. Simply load your ingredients, choose your loaf size and let the appliance do the rest. Customize your bread using the LCD display to make cinnamon rolls, cheese bread, sweet cakes and more that slide out with ease. Thanks to the nonstick coating, your breads will always come out ready to serve.

Coffee & Espresso Makers: Wake up to the smell of coffee when there’s a Kenmore® coffee or espresso maker in your kitchen. Suited for all types of households and coffee drinkers, our makers are available from 5- to 14-cup capacities.

Countertop Burners: Portable single or double hot plates make a convenient travel appliance for camping, dorm rooms, buffet spreads and beyond. These appliances feature temperature control knobs, secure feet for stability on tabletops and counters alike, and each hot plate features 1,500 watts of cooking power.

Countertop Microwaves: Heat up your favorite meals and snacks with ease for quick meal prep between commercials or on the go. Easily heat up potatoes, pizza, frozen veggies and entrées with the push of a button. Several power levels let you customize your cooking, while stylish design and colors make a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Electric Can Openers: Kenmore® electric can openers feature a crisp stainless steel exterior with a powerful motor, and a sharp blade opens cans with ease. Perfect for cans of soup, tomatoes and tuna, this hands-free opener frees up your hands and time for other things.

Food Processors: Effortlessly chop, dice and blend ingredients of all shapes and sizes. Safely add ingredients through the push chute for easy pulsing and chopping up to 11 cups of whatever you’re making.

Griddles & Grills: Kenmore® griddles and grills are ideal for whipping up pancakes, eggs and sausage on a Sunday morning, or paninis and burgers anytime! The nonstick surface ensures effortless cleanup and easy flipping, while 1,200–1,500 watts of cooking power make grilling and cooking a snap.

Mixers & Accessories: Our Kenmore® mixers make cooking and baking easier with features and attachments designed to handle every culinary creation. In addition to the sturdy mixer and large stainless steel bowl — a dough hook, wire whip and flat beater are all included attachments. If you’re looking for a little more control, check out our hand mixers with five speed settings and an automatic retracting power cord.

Rice Cookers: Cooking rice just right has never been easier with the Kenmore® 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker. This rice cooker is equipped with digital controls that let you select preprogrammed functions and a detachable condensation trap, so rice is always cooked exactly the way you want.

Slow Cookers: Come home to a home-cooked meal when you cook in advance with a Kenmore® slow cooker. Whip up a hearty stew on a cold day or pork carnitas the whole family can enjoy on taco night! Adjustable heat levels let you change the cooking temperature with ease, and the nonstick, removable interior makes cleanup a breeze.

Tea Kettles & Brewers: Get freshly brewed tea whenever you want with the Kenmore® Digital Tea Kettle. Heat up to 1.7 L of water to make a comforting cup of your favorite tea for just you or for everyone in your home. The stainless steel body makes it as attractive as it is durable and ensures optimal heat insulation for lasting performance.

Toaster Ovens: Bake, broil, toast, heat and reheat conveniently for quick and easy meals. Kenmore® toaster ovens ensure even heat dispersion, giving roasts and casseroles an even browning you can’t get with a normal microwave oven. These toaster ovens come in various styles to complement any kitchen.

Toasters: Whether you’re making waffles for one or toast for the whole family, our Kenmore® toasters will make sure everything gets done just the way you like it. Crumb trays hold in the mess, while adjustable browning levels put you in control of the crisp!

Vacuum Sealers: No more freezer burn, food going bad or lost flavor with the Kenmore® Vac Seal N Save. Using vacuum sealers for food preservation creates an airtight seal that keeps food fresh and flavorful. This small kitchen appliance comes in handy when separating bulk items like meat into serving-sized portions for storing in the freezer.

Waffle Makers: Whip up a batch of diner-style waffles for breakfast or any meal of the day with the Kenmore® 4-Slice Waffle Maker. The nonstick surface creates evenly cooked waffles that never stick and wipes clean easily.