Range Hoods


Island Range Hoods: Remove grease, smoke and pungent odors from your island cooktop or range. The sleek, free-hanging design highlights any island or peninsula, while the blower system provides excellent odor and smoke removal. Durable and easily customized to fit any eight- to nine-foot kitchen ceiling, the range hood features a removable, dishwasher-safe grease filter for easy cleaning.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods: Under-cabinet range hoods deliver built-in looks with convenient smoke and odor control right where you need it. Their versatile horizontal or vertical ducting is easily hidden, either directly behind the appliance or in the cabinets above the unit. Typically thinner and better hidden than other styles, under-cabinet range hoods give a streamlined look to any kitchen and come in a variety of designs and colors like white, beige, black, gray and stainless steel.

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods: These range hoods are similar in appearance to the under-cabinet range hoods, but they are mounted to the wall as more of a focal piece. Whether you’re looking for a stylish chimney design or a low-profile rectangular model, all wall-mounted range hoods are designed to powerfully extract odors, grease and smoke from your range or cooktop.