Water Coolers & Filter Systems


Under Sink: Keep your drinking water clean and filtered with our reverse osmosis or two-stage water filter systems. These systems stay hidden from sight under your sink and reduce the levels of lead, nitrates, cysts, arsenic, sodium, chlorine taste and odor and other contaminants commonly found in unfiltered tap water. Changing the filters is easy with the convenient “twist and pull” encapsulated filter design for fast and sanitary changing. Our under-the-sink units are accompanied by stylish faucets with electronic indicator lights to automatically notify you when the filters need to be changed.

Water Cooler Parts & Filters: In this section you will find any and every replacement part, filter or accessory for your water cooler system. Shop replacement filters to keep your water clean and pure. Check out our deluxe sediment filter cartridges, designed with graded depth technology to reduce the amount of sand, silt, rust and iron particles in your drinking water. Rid your water of any strange odors or tastes and remove approximately 95% of chlorine from your drinking water when you invest in a Taste and Odor Filter Cartridge. Maybe you’ve noticed your drinking water’s pH levels are off? Grab our neutralizer compound and correct any pH problems in your water.