Indoor Heating: Kenmore® has an extensive line of indoor heaters, varying both in design and the type of heating element used. Our indoor heaters use elements like quartz light bulbs, infrared, ceramic, oil and wall-mounted to name a few. There are benefits to all of the heating elements Kenmore® indoor heaters use, but the common themes throughout all of them are safety, effectiveness and quality. All of our indoor heaters come equipped with safety tip-over, or cut-off, switches that automatically turn the heater off if it becomes too hot or the unit itself tips over. No matter which model you find that suits your home and its indoor heating needs, you can buy confidently knowing all of our heaters provide quiet, extremely efficient heat for immediate warmth and comfort anywhere in your home or office.

Outdoor Heating: Easily warm your deck, patio, porch or garage with our oscillating or box heaters. Providing up to 200 square feet of ultra-effective warmth, our outdoor heaters come with features like an 8-hour timer, a cool-touch housing, an integrated thermostat, a carrying handle and check filter indicator lights. Similar to our indoor heaters, our outdoor heaters have a convenient safety feature that automatically turns the unit off if it is tipped over or overheats. So next time you want to host a backyard barbecue, have drinks on the porch with friends or just get some work done in the garage when the air is a bit nippy, don’t bring the party inside. Grab one of our outdoor heaters and keep burning the midnight oil.