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Kenmore Elite® ranks “highest in customer satisfaction with top-load clothes washers.”*

shop top-load laundry *J.D Power Awards Information

*Based on results from leading consumer publication and rating services.

Based on results from leading consumer publication and rating services. Kenmore Elite received the highest numerical score for top-load clothes washers in the proprietary J.D. Power 2014 Laundry Appliance StudySM. Study based on 6,649 total responses measuring 10 top-load washer brands and measures opinions of consumers about their new appliance purchased in the past 24 months. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in January-March 2014. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower.com.

laundry essentials

HE front-load

Big and energy efficient, these front-load washers deliver on innovation and capacity.

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introducing! HE top-load

Get a great clean while saving valuable resources.

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Larger capacities, energy savings and advanced drying features deliver the ultimate in fabric care.

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high-efficiency, low-water wash:
how it works and why you need it.

Discover how HE washers save resources and your clothes.

impeller: gentle clothing care

Designed to move clothes gently through the wash so your most delicate garments, as well as heavily stained items, come out not only clean but looking good as new.

less water: concentrated cleaning

Get a superior clean using less water. The washer senses each load to determine just how much water is needed and only fills the load to that point.

high-efficiency: greater savings

These models can save over $175* in water and energy per year. Plus, due to higher spin speeds, clothes are dryer at the end of the cycle, reducing drying time.

*Compared to a deep fill top-load washer manufactured before 2014 using the Normal cycle. Average use, 11-year life and 10 loads per week.

washers leading in cleaning performance

From an exclusive agitator, to innovative cycles and options, these models
are loaded with features that get clothes really clean.

triple action®

Kenmore Exclusive: Get optimal cleaning performance with the only agitator that moves three ways — the base moves back and forth while the post moves clockwise as well as up & down.


Extends the wash time to help get rid of stubborn stains or ground-in messes, while still providing gentle fabric care for your clothes.

timed oxi

Get whiter whites* and keep clothes looking new — longer. Oxygen-based additives are released into the wash to help boost cleaning power.

*Compared to detergent alone, 8 lb load.

dispensing system

Enhance cleaning with a concentrated detergent mix that's sprayed directly on clothes. Thanks to this innovation Kenmore can boast: no one in its class cleans better.*

*Among leading brand top-load high-efficiency washers with washplates 4.0 cu. ft. or less as measured by DOE standards, based on an 8 lb load.

more wash motion, means more cleaning action

Get a deep down clean with less water thanks to this gentle,
high-performing, highly efficient innovation.

wash basket motion

Moves clothes back and forth without agitation.

triple action impeller

Provides a thorough clean by moving clothes gently through the wash so clothes come out looking good as new.

top load wash

burst of concentrated detergent

A concentrated detergent mix is sprayed up through clothes from 6 spray jets.

top-load washers

these washers perform when it comes to clean

Innovations in efficiency, speed and capacity make laundry easier than ever.

express wash

Perfect for small, slightly soiled loads. Provides a complete wash cycle in just 24 minutes.

bulky item cycle

Easily clean larger items like comforters, down jackets or pillows with this cycle that begins with a soak to thoroughly saturate oversized laundry.

cold clean

For a more green clean, ColdClean uses a cold-water wash to clean as effectively as a warm-water wash, while using 48% less energy than our already efficient normal cycle.

deep wash cycle

Sometimes a deeper fill is preferred and this cycle allows you to fill your tub with water.

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