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step 1: heat it up.

step 2: wipe it away.

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Our Kenmore oven self-clean cycle does just that cleans itself. All you have to do is push the self-clean button and wipe it clean. Not all self-cleaning ovens are this easy. The best part? No manual scrubbing required!

  • by hand
    we lost count

    Who has the time? We're talking rubber gloves, scrub brushes, cleaners, rinses, and a heavy dose of elbow grease.

    • 1 Remove the oven racks.

    • 2 Clean them with steel wool, water and dish soap.

    • 3 Scrub the oven cavity with soap, water and a soft cloth or sponge.

    • 4 Scrub with more aggressive cleansers (like ammonia) for more rigorous cleaning.

    • 5 Repeat until clean.

    • 6 Rinse thoroughly, and dry.

  • competitor
    up to 15 steps (or more)

    Other self-cleaning ovens use a combination of heat and water, requiring you to complete and repeat multiple steps.

    • 1 Pour distilled water in the bottom of the oven.

    • 2 Press the self-clean cycle button.

    • 3 When it's finished, scrub the oven with special tools. The inside of the oven is treated with a special coating, so you can't use any cleansers or your own tools to help you out.

    • 4 Problem: there's baked-on food and grime left behind.

    • 5 Repeat the whole process as many as 5 times or more.

  • kenmore
    2 simple steps

    Get your oven clean the first time with our pyrolytic, heat-only self-clean technology.

    • 1 Push the self-clean cycle button. Baked-on grease and grime are literally reduced to ash.

    • 2 When the cycle is finished, wipe the oven clean.

    Plus, on select ovens, you can select the exclusive AirGuard™ option to remove most of the unwanted fumes and smoke that occur during self-cleaning.

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