saving energy

Go Green & Save Green

The average American household spends about $2,000 on energy bills every year. Change to ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances, and you can save up to $194 a year in energy costs while you help save the environment! In fact, more Americans choose Kenmore ENERGY STAR® appliances than any other brand.


  1. Run a full laundry load; or if you must run a small load, reduce the water level appropriately.
  2. Use the "high spin speed" option in your washer to reduce dryer time.
  3. Position your refrigerator away from heat sources like the oven, dishwasher or direct sunlight.
  4. Depending on the technology you choose, you can cut water heating costs in half with an ENERGY STAR® qualified water heater.
  5. Use a power strip in your home office as a urn offpoint to eliminate standby power consumption.