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Kenmore Elite  5.2 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer - Metallic Silver  ENERGY STAR®

  Item#  02641073000 | Model#  41073

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 Rating 4.0 | 59 Reviews | Write a review
Reg Price: $1749.99
Savings: $420.00
Reg Price: $1749.99
Savings: $420.00
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Specifications & Dimensions

Shipping Depth (in.): 33.1
Shipping Height (in.): 43.3
Shipping Width (in.): 29.5
Quiet Package: Yes
Cord Length (ft.): 6
Dimensions and Capacity:
Depth with Door Closed (in.): 33.875
Depth with Door Open (in.): 57.875
Height to Top of Cabinet: 40.8
Washer Interior Capacity (cu. ft.): 5.2 Glossary
Washer Interior Size: 4.6 cu.ft. and greater Glossary
Weight (lbs.): 156
Width (in.): 29
Color and Styling:
Color Family: Metallic
Reversible Door: No
Product Overview:
Weight, Shipping: 233.7
Minimum Circuit Rating: 15 amps
Voltage: 110/120V
General Features:
Adjustable Legs: Yes
Control Type: Electronic LED
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Fill Hoses Included: No
General Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Power Cord Included: Yes
Remote Diagnostics: Uses Phone Receiver
Stackable with Matching Unit: Yes
Water Factor: 3
Top and Lid Material: Metal
Wash Basket Material: Stainless steel
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1200
Number of Water Temperatures: 5
Wash Agitator (Motion): Tumble Action
Dispensers: Bleach Dispenser, Detergent, Fabric Softener Dispenser
Standard Cycles:
Normal Wash Cycle: Yes
Wash Cycles: Whites Cycle, Heavy Duty Wash Cycle, Delicate Wash Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle, Rinse & Spin Cycle, Steam Cycle, Light Wash Cycle, Speed Wash Cycle, Specialty Cycle
Cycle Options:
Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Wash: Yes
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Number of Soil Levels: 5
Specialty Options: Stay Fresh, Clean Washer, Save Energy+
Spin Speed Option: 5 (Extra High, High, Medium, Low, No Spin)
ENERGY STAR Compliant: Yes
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year: 102
Modified Energy Factor: 3.45
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Product Description

Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer - Clean Living

Built for those with lots of laundry, the large capacity Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. front-load washer 4107 has 14 separate wash cycles. Never pre-treat stains again: there's a steam cycle built right into the washer, as well as a second rinse on the Kids Wear setting. The NSF-certified sanitize setting kills germs without harsh chemicals, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. An automatic Smart Motion tumble feature prevents mildew and odors from gaining a foothold if you forget to remove a load. Keep your clothes looking, feeling and smelling their best with this Kenmore Elite front-load washer.

  • With Smart Motion Technology, the Direct Drive Motor blends up to six different wash motions, providing customized care for each type of fabric so clothes get totally clean.
  • SteamTreat virtually eliminates the need to pre-treat fabric while it tackles common tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.
  • From work clothes to cloth diapers, NSF certified Sanitize Cycle raises temperatures to quickly kill 99.9% of certain bacteria without using harsh chemicals like bleach.
  • Multiple wash cycles give your hardy work clothes, delicate linens, and stained fabrics the treatment they need to look their best.
  • A huge interior delivers plenty of space for towels, blankets, comforters and more, to help you get more clean in fewer loads.

Added on March 08, 2013


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59 Reviews Write a review
38 Reviewers (64.0%) would recommend this to a friend.
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Most Helpful Reviews

Praise49 found this helpful
Sep 2 , 2013
Pleased with the size and options to enhance cycles
I've had the washer less than a week and am pleased with it. Read the instruction booklet on how to load it and instructions on HE detergent. Follow the directions and use common sense. It holds a lot of clothes -- I dry them in 2 -3 batches. There are a number of cycles for a super quick wash cycle to a very long sanitizing wash cycle. My favorite features are the various cycles and the extra options, especially the extra rinse feature. I'm very pleased with the large loads that it will hold. I purposely filled one load with towels and filled another with blankets. Both loads stopped and gave an error code on day 4 that the loads were unbalanced. Restarted machine and got the error code again. Then, took a few items out of each load, and it ran great! It holds a lot, but you have to use some common sense and not fill washer to the brim, especially with heavy items (like my towels and blankets!). These were huge loads, so I was at fault for overloading it (but I did want to see how much I would be able to wash) If you overload it, the clothes may be quite wet if you have to remove any. This is not a problem with the washing machine, I simply overloaded it I agree that some settings, such as steam, can take a long time. That's to be expected when you have an appliance perform an additional task, such as steaming the clothes. There are still the options for shorter cycles. Don't choose steam if you don't have time for it. My last Kenmore HE3 lasted just over 7 years with no issues other than the warm rinse stopped working on some cycles just after warranty expired. The old washer probably would have lasted longer than 7 years if the repairman had known more than to just read an error code and start replacing parts - one part at the time!
Criticism55 found this helpful
Feb 28 , 2014
Don't Waste Your Money...
I purchased this washing machine after being diligent and doing my homework. It had good ratings and only one negative review. Well here's it the 2nd negative review. After only 1 1/2 days I had to empty the drain due to water standing in the tub. I put my king comforter in it on Saturday morning ran errands and came home to a soaking wet comforter, 3 spin cycles later I could finally put it in the dryer. My previous Kenmore Elite was in great condition for being 10 years old, it only needed a new seal/bearings. But they quit selling those parts, the cost to fix should have been $30/$60, but now you have to buy the seal/bearings and tub for between $400/$500 that's if you do it yourself. over $1000 if you have Sears repair. Why, because they found a way to force you to buy a new machine. I was extremely excited and thought this will be energy efficient and cost less to run. Well tonight after returning home I was met with water on the floor of the laundry room, I only had 6 towels in the washer and it was flashing UA, uneven load then I drained 14 cups of water. Seriously, this is a $1700 machine and it has this many issues. I've owned it for 6 days and used it for 2 1/2. I don't recommend this for anyone. And even after draining it there is already an odor. Could I possible have a lemon? Yes, but for that cost it shouldn't be. People are not aware that LG is the manufacturer of Kenmore Elite and Maytag bought out Kenmore and Whirlpool. I am definitely looking for a machine that doesn't have a drain . Buyer beware. Total disappointment, especially since this is the top of the line for Kenmore Elite.


Aurora, CO

Apr 3 , 2015
Best Washer Ever

Thrilled with this washing machine and plan to buy a second one. Very spacious and cleans beautifully. Could not be happier!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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West Chester, PA

Mar 12 , 2015
don't waste your money

Washer smelled like rotten eggs after the first couple uses. We've put every kind of recommended cleaner into it. Had service come out to try to find out what we were doing wrong. NOTHING! We were told from the second tech this was the nature of this kind of washer. We'll never buy a front load washer again.

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Saint Johns, FL

Mar 2 , 2015
Best of the Best

Have owned the washer/dryer set for just over one year and intentionally waited until now to provide my review. The washer and dryer are the very best that I have ever owned. I am at a loss to explain some of the negative reviews that I see on the site. If you take care of these, they should last for many years. For example, the washer manual includes instructions on draining and cleaning the filter every 30 days. I always do this as we have two dogs. I also run the self clean cycle with a tablet of Afresh once a month. When not in use, the door to the washer is never closed all of the way to allow sufficient air flow in the tub. You will find the door hinge has a preset stopping point to allow for this. If you are placing a large comforter in the washer, tell it that it is a comforter by choosing that setting. I am not convinced that everyone actually does this. If you find that it is unable to self balance for the spin cycles, hit pause, adjust the comforter manually, then select a slower spin speed and it will do just fine. It should be noted that I have only had to do this a couple of times and I wash comforters weekly because of the dogs. If you use a bit of common sense, and take care of maintaining the filter, this washer will provide many years of great service.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Feb 9 , 2015
Love love love

I can't imagine a better washer/dryer set! LOVE it! Amazing capacity, tons of cycle options, clothes come super clean, spins them almost dry, absolutely no complaints!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Jan 28 , 2015
via mobile
Don't waste your money

I finally upgraded my old fashioned washer and dryer to the fancy HE hoping it would last @least 10 years. Instead, I ended up with a hunk of junk. First, a computer chip went out and then I started getting an F12 code and it would freeze up...long story short, after the repair man came out he said it would be $595 to repair it since the whole inside needed replaced. This washer only lasted me 5 years. Very disappointed In this product and will not buy this brand again....

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Austin, TX

Jan 13 , 2015
Problem after problem

We bought this unit after lots of research and good reviews. However, within months, the washer was leaking -- a lot. Now, 18 months after we bought it (and 6 months out of warranty), a bearing needs to be replaced, to the tune of $600 -- with the service contract! Our last Kenmore lasted 14 years and was still working when we replaced it. Not anymore.

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Dec 27 , 2014

We had a Kenmore Elite which was 10 years old. It started giving problems, and the Sears Technician said it would cost too much to repair, so they would recommend a replacement. They gave us a rebate for the old machine, which we applied to the cost of a new Kenmore Elite. When it arrived, we were thrilled with the sleek appearance and musical electronic controls. However this machine does not perform nearly as well as our previous one. We first noticed that it would not go into the spin cycle. It give an unbalanced error code UE. We called the Sears to schedule a technician come out. He came and made it work temporarily, but the problem persisted. sporadically. The next thing we noticed is that it could not handle heavy loads at all. This washer was quite incapable of washing rugs or other heavy items that our old washer could manage with ease. The problem again was an unbalanced condition. It seems that the new washer is programmed to sense an unbalanced load, but the programming is so sensitive as to make it impossible to wash heavy loads at all. Once again we called the technician out, and he suggested loading the machine to the top with other item to balance the load. That did not work, and we ended up having to hand wring out the entire load, and take them outside to dry. When I complained to Sears, their response is, they will not replace a machine unless there are 4 functional failures within 12 months. A functional failure is one which involves the replacement of a vital part by the technician. since none of our service calls resulted in replacement of parts, we were not eligible. We had purchased a 5 year service plan for the washer. During my call to complain about the washer, I was informed, we have only 4 months left on the service contract. I said, there must be some kind of error, as we had purchased a 5 year contract. Customer service eventually admitted, they had reimbursed the money for the contract, and put it on our American Express card, without informing us. Their justification was that the person who had sold us that contract was in error, and should not have sold it to us. However they neglected to tell us about it, and the credit escaped my attention at the time. Save yourself the trouble don't buy the new Kenmore Elite machine, it is unreliable, cannot handle large loads at all, and a big disappointment. Dealing with Sears service department is very frustrating, I am particularly troubled by the way my service contract was terminated without notice. I will try to get my moneys worth out of the machine, but I will never buy a major item from Sears again.

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Los Gatos, CA

Nov 24 , 2014
******** yet

I wanted a washer to wash my comforters and I got So Much more! I previously had the Kenmore top load washing machine and after 7 years the balance was starting to go out... May have been because my roomate would overload the washer.... Recommended loads are best or you really burn out your washer... I think this washer works way better is quiet and everything comes out super clean...when the washery does first start the water goes on and off quickly which does cause a little sound, but after that it is fabulous! Oh and not only do my clothes get super clean.... My clothes now dry much faster because the spin cycle really gets all the water out..... Can't loose on this buy that is for sure.....

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Shavertown, PA

Nov 12 , 2014
$400.00 repair after 2yrs

2 years and 4 months- need seal and bearings for $400.00. Didn't buy warranty-really didn't think i would have this major repair after short period of time. Repairman suggested throwing it out-really? What am I supposed to do with the matching dryer and the $600.00 stools to set them on.

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Rathdrum, ID

Nov 5 , 2014

Washer is great but mine leaked from underneath after 3 weeks and the techs couldn"t find anything wrong. It worked fine after that but this week it flooded my laundry and outside the door on my laminate floors again. I've only had the washer for about 4 months. Sears won't do anything about the floors unless the washer has a "diagnosis." Once again, techs couldn't find a single thing wrong with it! Sears passed me off to LG but they say the warranty doesn't cover anything but the product. So be careful with this machine. When it works, it is awesome. But flooding causes major damage. My floors are all buckled up and water soaked! The costly warranty is worthless in my case. If I could do it over, I wouldn't buy this washer and I wouldn't buy from Sears.

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