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Kenmore Elite  4.7 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer - White  ENERGY STAR®

  Item#  02631522000 | Model#  31522

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 Rating 2.5 | 49 Reviews | Write a review
Reg Price: $1299.99
Savings: $450.00
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Specifications & Dimensions

Dimensions and Capacity:
Depth (in.): 28.406
Height to Top of Cabinet: 37.5
Height with Lid Open (in.): 55.5
Washer Interior Capacity (cu. ft.): 4.7 Glossary
Washer Interior Size: 4.6 cu.ft. and greater Glossary
Weight (lbs.): 146
Width (in.): 27
Color and Styling:
Color Family: White
Shipping Depth (in.): 31.313
Shipping Height (in.): 48.063
Shipping Width (in.): 29.5
Cord Length (ft.): 6
Product Overview:
Adjustable Legs: Yes
General Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer
Quiet Package: Yes
Weight, Shipping: 146
Minimum Circuit Rating: 15 amps
Voltage: 110/120V
General Features:
Control Type: Electronic
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Fill Hoses Included: No
Power Cord Included: Yes
Remote Diagnostics: Uses LAN Line
Water Factor: 3.68
Top and Lid Material: Powder coated
Wash Basket Material: Stainless steel
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1000
Number of Water Temperatures: 5
Wash Agitator (Motion): Wash Plate
Dispensers: Prewash Detergent Dispenser, Bleach Dispenser, Detergent, Fabric Softener Dispenser
Wash Cycles: Whites Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle, Handwash Cycle, Rinse & Spin Cycle, Steam Cycle, Light Wash Cycle, Speed Wash Cycle, Specialty Cycle, Wool Cycle
Cycle Options:
Color Cycle: Yes
Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Wash: No
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Number of Soil Levels: 5
Specialty Options: Stain Treat
Spin Speed Option: 5
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year: 666
Modified Energy Factor: 2.75
ENERGY STAR Compliant: Yes
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Product Description

Kenmore Elite 4.7 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer - Superior Fabric Care

Wash clothing the smart way with this Kenmore Elite high-efficiency washer 3152. Smart Motion technology uses 6 distinct washing motions to get your clothes their cleanest. 14 wash cycle choices and 5 temperatures let you control exactly how your clothes are cleaned. The 4.7 cu. ft. basket easily holds bulky items like bedding, and the built-in heater automatically warms water for better cleaning. With features like the Kenmore Connect System, which calls in maintenance issues for you, and an ENERGY STAR rating, this Kenmore Elite high-efficiency washer rinses away worries.

  • With Smart Motion Technology, the Direct Drive Motor blends up to six different wash motions, providing customized care for each type of fabric so clothes get totally clean.
  • Multiple wash cycles give your hardy work clothes, delicate linens, and stained fabrics the treatment they need to look their best.
  • Medium capacity makes this washer versatile while allowing it to deliver the gentle or deep-down clean your fabrics need.
  • The built-in water heater works quickly to raise temperatures and provide hot water faster, for a deep clean without the wait.
  • Kenmore Connect™ quickly sends diagnostic information over the phone for faster trouble-shooting, quicker repairs and fewer service calls.

Added on July 21, 2012


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15 Reviewers (31.0%) would recommend this to a friend.
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Most Helpful Reviews

Praise31 found this helpful
Nov 6 , 2012
Great Washer
We bought this washer a month ago after our other washer died after 12 years. This machine is incredible. If you have heard that these HE top loaders don't wash well unless you "place" the clothing along the outside of the drum (because there is no agitator), you will be pleased to know that this washer compensates for that by weighing the clothes (little shakes back and forth) and then does a preliminary spin to push balance the load, then it washes. I am very pleased with this washer. It holds more than most front loaders and more than my old washer. It is easy to operate, quiet and in all honesty our clothing has NEVER smelled so fresh and been so clean (we have always used liquid Tide and Bounce liquid fabric softener). We have hard water where I live and I thought that was the cause but it was a sub-par washer. This thing does the job.
Criticism14 found this helpful
Dec 9 , 2012
What a disappointment!!
The washer was delivered about two weeks ago and were excited to have a new "high tech" machine. We replaced a 20 year old Whirlpool with this machine and could not be more disappointed. An extra rinse must be used or soap is left in the clothes. Clothes get tangled into a ball. Lint from the previous load gets all over clothes in the next load. The spin cycle goes out of balance on almost every load. When the spin cycle goes out of balance, the tub fills with water again negating any water savings. We would be better off washing our clothes on a rock in the river. We are going to return this expensive and useless machine for a full refund.


Independence, MO

Apr 3 , 2014
Huge disapointment!

Purchased this machine in 2011 & I wish I had read the reviews before we bought it! Like so many of others, we would experience the UL error periodically We'd have to open it up, re-distribute the clothes manually, and hold your breath hope it works when you turn it back on. Final straw came three weeks ago when it stopped draining completely and NOTHING we did would fix it. We had a repairman out to fix it and he suggested replacing the pump (which we did) and NOTHING -- still won't function properly. SO, here we are three years into, what I consider, a major purchase and we're already having to replace it completely. PLEASE save yourself the time, money and frustration -- AVOID this machine!!

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League City, TX

Mar 25 , 2014
via mobile
I like!

I have had this washer for over a month now. I do add water to some loads to appease myself. My clothes smell so good and clean like never before. Very happy with my purchase!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Rolla, MO

Mar 20 , 2014
Absolutely Love This Washer

I have had this washer for about 6 weeks now. I am delighted with it. I am doing half as many loads as I was with my old Kenmore Super Capacity. The tub is cavernous! My clothes come out clean, and I am very picky about laundry. It takes just under an hour to run most loads, which is longer than my old washer. However, the matching dryer finishes in half the time my old one did. That, coupled with doing fewer loads, has worked out great for me. I have had none of the problems others describe. I can't help but think that in many instances user error is involved. All products have lemons, so maybe the reviews are only being written by people with bad experiences. The Sears salesman told me that HE washers need service annually, and I've noticed that friends and family who have them experience that. So I bought the extended warranty. That's one of the things that keeps me going back to Sears! I also purchased this set on sale at my local Sears, and am very happy with the price I paid for these awesome machines. It is also very quiet. Our laundry room is on our main floor, and we could usually hear our old washer going through its cycles while we watched TV. Sometimes, I check on this one because I can't hear it even when the TV is off. If you are in the market for a top loading, HE washer, I recommend you at least consider this one!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Mar 15 , 2014

Have always owned numerous Kenmore Elite appliances. Purchased washer in late 2012 only to have it replaced within weeks of delivery. Have been using for over a year and now having constant problems with the uE and UE error message when using. Will take 5 hours to run one load. Can only imagine the additional water and electric it is costing me. Have had several service appointments. Last Tech Rep said had to re-balance/re-center the motor. Same problem occurred on the first load after his visit. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER....IT IS THE WORST WASHER EVER!!!!!! Waiting for Sears Rep to come again (third time in 7 days).

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Clinton, MO

Mar 5 , 2014
Total Frustration!

I purchased the previous year's model, but it became basically nonfunctional after a manufacture service recall. This washer was its replacement. I never know if a load will complete the wash cycle or stop due to an error code. Clothes are always very wrinkled and not clean. Jeans have soiled spots remaining on the knees because so little water is used in the wash cycle. When the "water plus" modifier is used, the large tub nearly fills with water. There is no in between. Often enough, the loads are unbalanced, so clothes must be readjusted. Sometimes adjustment is required multiple times per load. This washer should be in the testing stage, not sold to the consumer. I would love to have my money back and return this washer to Sears.

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Cypress, TX

Feb 23 , 2014
Wish I had read the reviews

We bought all new home appliances from Sears (washer, dryer, dish washer, microwave & oven). The worst purchase was this washer. We bought new machines because our 12 year old Roper brand machines weren't energy efficient. This has been a nightmare. I would estimate 75%+ of the time we get a UE error and have to go in and redistribute the load. This has happened on every size load, small, bulky, normal. This also seems to happen at the worst time, like when I NEED to leave the house and don't have time to babysit the stupid washing machine! I would highly recommend you not buy this washer. We like the dryer a lot. Have yet to have a problem and it dries the clothes fast. I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing. Bottom line, my Roper washer for which I paid $150 brand new 12 years ago and still worked when I replaced it was a much better deal than this.

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Wilmington, DE

Feb 18 , 2014
I can't stand this machine!

We bought this washer because we wanted to be able to throw in a comforter now and then. It can't go through a load without becoming unbalanced and shutting off. I'm talking about ONE COMFORTER in what is supposed to be a high end machine! My 30 year old washer was better. And the most annoying part is, when you get tired of trying to wash through this cycle and just want to drain it, more water gets added! I would take a crowbar to this machine if I wouldn't be out the money, We had a technician come to check it out and he was as clueless as the washer itself. So to sum it up. this thing sucks.

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Brighton, CO

Feb 18 , 2014
Fantastic washer!

I really don't understand all of the negative reviews on this washer, so I felt I had to give it a good review. We got this washer and dryer set after having a Maytag washer for 17 yrs. This set was on an unbelievable MLK sale and we couldn't pass it up. I read all the reviews on it after our purchase but before delivery, and I'll admit, they made me nervous. I expected a host of troubles with it; I expected it to be very sensitive and temperamental and I didn't expect it to clean or rinse well. Happily, NONE of that was true. This washer (and dryer) is awesome! First of all, it is HUGE. Yes, perhaps the washing cycles are longer than your old standard washer, but the clothes are getting much cleaner and I can wash twice the amount of clothes per load! I love all of the choices in wash cycles, spin speeds, etc. It appears to be sturdy, well-made and "intelligent" - ha. Granted I have not owned it very long but so far, so good. There is a manual and a quick-start guide that came with it. All are easy to follow and you can't really go wrong if you follow the instructions, which are simple. Please don't let others' negative reviews scare you off, this washer is a gem.

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Feb 16 , 2014

We bought the machine about 8 months after Katrina when we moved into our new house. Since then I replaced the control board once then a serviceman replaced the board again and replaced the balance springs. Now we have a hard time getting it started. There is a problem with the power button and the start button and I'm fairly sure it's the control board again. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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Renton, WA

Feb 7 , 2014
Total Disappointment!

We have had our machine for almost three years. About 8 months ago, after our first baby was born I discovered there was an issue with the water temp. settings. No matter which temp setting was selected, the water temp never changed. It was always just tepid not really warm, not really cold water. With a new baby in the house and the use of cloth diapers, we needed the hot water setting to work. Since then we have had 4 different service techs out to try to fix the machine and no luck! Each technician claims it is a different issue and seems to get the machine working a day or so, but then the problem comes right back. So I am forced to take a bucket of hot water from our bathtub and pour it in the machine before I start a wash cycle to ensure that the baby's clothes and diapers get warm water. The last guy told me that the parts he replaced are the only options left to try, so now we are out of luck. Out machine also has the Uneven, or unbalanced issue. What good is a large capacity machine if we have to wash 1 set of king sheets in two different loads to keep it from becoming unbalanced. Do not recommend this machine! Also been very disappointed with Sears' service and technicians!

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