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Kenmore Elite  4.0 cu. ft. Front-Load Steam Washer - White  ENERGY STAR®

  Item#  02641472000 | Model#  41472

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Reg Price: $1299.99
Savings: $600.11

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Reg Price: $1299.99
Savings: $600.11

Clearance. Intermediate markdowns may have been taken.

While supplies last

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Specifications & Dimensions

Shipping Depth (in.): 31.25
Shipping Height (in.): 42.25
Shipping Width (in.): 29.5
Quiet Package: Yes
Cord Length (ft.): 6
Dimensions and Capacity:
Depth with Door Closed (in.): 29.75
Depth with Door Open (in.): 54.375
Height to Top of Cabinet: 38.6875
Washer Interior Capacity (cu. ft.): 4.0 Glossary
Washer Interior Size: 4.0 cu.ft. - 4.5 cu.ft. Glossary
Weight (lbs.): 196
Width (in.): 27
Color and Styling:
Color Family: White
Reversible Door: No
Product Overview:
Weight, Shipping: 210.5
Minimum Circuit Rating: 15 amps
Voltage: 110/120V
General Features:
Adjustable Legs: Yes
Control Type: Electronic LED
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Fill Hoses Included: No
General Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Power Cord Included: Yes
Remote Diagnostics: Uses Phone Receiver
Stackable with Matching Unit: Yes
Water Factor: 3.3
Top and Lid Material: Powder coated
Wash Basket Material: Stainless steel
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1200
Number of Water Temperatures: 4
Wash Agitator (Motion): Tumble Action
Dispensers: Prewash Detergent Dispenser, Bleach Dispenser, Detergent, Oxygenated Additive Dispenser, Fabric Softener Dispenser
Standard Cycles:
Normal Wash Cycle: Yes
Wash Cycles: Permanent Press Cycle, Heavy Duty Wash Cycle, Delicate Wash Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle, Handwash Cycle, Steam Cycle, Speed Wash Cycle
Cycle Options:
Color Cycle: No
Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Wash: Yes
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Number of Soil Levels: 3
Specialty Options: Yes
Spin Speed Option: Yes
ENERGY STAR Compliant: Yes
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year: 116
Modified Energy Factor: 3.2
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Product Description

Kenmore Elite 4.0 Front-Load Washer - Easy on Clothes Offering 4.0 cu. ft. of capacity, this Kenmore Elite steam washer 4147 protects clothing during the wash cycle so they come out both clean and intact. Its large capacity lets you wash bigger loads so you can get more laundry cleaned efficiently and quickly. This Kenmore Elite steam washer also includes the Accela-Wash option, reducing the time a load takes to finish when you need clothes clean sooner. And as an ENERGY STAR-qualified appliance, it gets the job done while saving you money on your utility bill.

  • SteamTreat virtually eliminates the need to pre-treat fabric while it tackles common tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.
  • With Smart Motion Technology, the Direct Drive Motor blends up to six different wash motions, providing customized care for each type of fabric so clothes get totally clean.
  • Medium capacity makes this washer versatile while allowing it to deliver the gentle or deep-down clean your fabrics need.
  • Boosting wash speeds by up to 35%, Accela-Wash™ combines the continuous soaking of Active Spray™ with the water injection of Active Rinse™ to clean more laundry in less time.
  • Kenmore Connect™ quickly sends diagnostic information over the phone for faster trouble-shooting, quicker repairs and fewer service calls.

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Added on February 24, 2012


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Most Helpful Reviews

Praise22 found this helpful
May 6 , 2012
Very Quiet
I brought this washing machine 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I knew that my old front loader was loud, but didn't realize how load until I started using this one. I have done a ton of laundry including my king size quilt. Everything has come out very clean. Haven't used all the settings yet, believe me there is a ton. Clothes come out pretty dry so don't need to run the dryer as long.
Criticism48 found this helpful
Jun 28 , 2012
Kenmore leaks and is a terrible design
We purchase it 2 months ago and it leaked, the answer was empty the tray on the left hand bottom, you need to get down on your knees do it and after a couple of washes it fills and needs to be emptied or it leaks all over the floor. I am attempted to give it back, take a loss, and buy a different product. Terrible design to have to get on the floor to empty a tank and not knowing when it is full. I would not buy this product or any of the others that have this feature (flaw)


Lancaster, PA

Oct 11 , 2014
Bad design- frustrating use

I bought this washer nearly a year ago to replace another Kenmore I had had for more than ten years. Since the very beginning I have had problems with leaking and not spinning the clothes completely. The repairman who came to look at it initially said that the problem is that I use too much soap. I have never used much soap, but I dutifully tried to cut that down even more. Then I also bought a different brand (always the type specifically for front loaders). No luck, the problem persisted. Then when they looked at it again, we determined that the leaking is from a vent at the top of the drum. This is indeed where the water comes from as I can feel that the machine is wet from there down. So, the leak isn't large-scale, but it is always enough to make my basement floor wet. Perhaps I could simply put a drip tray underneath and let the machine leak every load. However, the leaking through the vent apparently also triggers a shut off which is why the load then does not finish spinning either. Most times when I go to switch a load, the clothes in the drum are still sopping wet. I have to wait another 15 minutes to run the spin cycle again. Sears then made a repair attempt replacing a valve in that area, hoping the issue would resolve. But that hasn't changed the outcome either. In recent months I have tried to reduce the load size, hoping to find a way to use this washer since Sears doesn't want to replace it (and I don't want another one of the same type). I have to run more loads than I would expect to, and it hasn't mattered. Still leaking and not spinning out. I would absolutely not buy this machine again!

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Minneapolis, MN

Oct 7 , 2014
Reviews say it all

I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased. I had a 12 year old Kenmore front loader that finally needed a repair, so I replaced it with this. Still miss my old machine. Going on my second service call. Major motor problem and now the door doesn't lock properly-tough to start a cycle and it quits in the middle, sometimes the door opens on its own. Older Kenmore front loaders were a Whirlpool product, this one is made by LG. They have much to learn. In 4 months, I have had one month of it working properly. In addition, the rapid on and off water pressure with the starting cycle of this machine rattles all the pipes in our house and now the Sears service person said I need to have a plumber come out and take care of the hammer knock in the pipes. He said it is required with this washer. Add that on to the price and this just doesn't pass the high price these machines cost. Very disappointed.

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El Dorado Hills, CA

Aug 20 , 2014
Motor breaks on second load

Dont buy this. It broke after the 1st load. After of decades of making washers, you'd think they could make something a little more reliable. Oh, and the customer service rep's could only speak in broken English.

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Cordova, TN

Aug 7 , 2014

Enjoy how clean my clothes are. Just tired of the machine leaking.

The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product.
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Aug 4 , 2014
Not quiet enough, but spins clothes well, and doesn't smell yet!

We bought such an expensive machine because we wanted a *really* quiet washer. It's located in my husband's office, and I do bodywork from a home office, though the room is on the other end of the house. It squeals when the water is being added to the washer, which is annoying if you are in my husband's office, and the spin cycle sometimes reverberates up through the whole house, and actually rattles the window pane in my office room, upstairs and down a long hall from the washer. We'd like to reach back and adjust the feet but it's so awkward and heavy that we dare not try to pull it out. Front loaders are notorious for smelling bad. We leave the door open to dry after each load and that has been enough so far (almost 2 years). Best features: very efficient spin requires less drying time. "Express wash" is fast (18 minutes) and uses less water, perfect for running a load of my bodywork sheets.

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Carlsbad, CA

Jul 18 , 2014
Shoddy product that doesn't hold up

I've only had this product for 5 1/2 years and didn't even use it for 1 1/2 of that (lived elsewhere with a washer). This washer didn't hold up at all (companion dryer works fantastic). It started making a noise and apparently Sears constructed it so that you have to replace it if the bearing goes out. So this washer didn't even make it four years of use before it completely broke down. Sears' warranty protection doesn't even come close to meeting the replacement value (stated that it is uneconomical to fix) of this product, especially after only 5 years of ownership and 4 years of use. I will not recommend this product at all to anyone. My parents always said Kenmore was a good brand but it doesn't seem as though they are building things to the same standard. Based on Sears' position on their extended warranty, I won't be purchasing products from Sears in the future.....which is too bad because I own a whole swath of products from them.

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Mar 15 , 2014
Terrible Washer!

Kenmore quality has hit rock bottom. This washer required numerous control board changes. It smells like the stagnant cesspool at the bottom of a cave, and makes my clothes smell the same. Requires constant cleaning out. The main bearing causes a LOUD knocking sound during the spin cycle and the repair tech says the repair will cost $1730, over twice as much as the purchase price. Unusable, this washer is trash and will be the last Kenmore product I ever buy.

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Millington, TN

Sep 23 , 2013
Not quality Kenmore used to be :-(

Used to own Kenmore Heavy Duty washer and dryer...washed and dried a 8x10 foot rug in it several times...owned it 10+ years without problems of any kind. Next tried Maytag...piece of junk, knew repairman on first name basis. So, going back to Kenmore! Bought an Elite, payed more money because I wanted a machine to last. Not this one! I bought it Jan 2012, didn't get the extra warranty because I thought Kenmore spoke for itself...nope! This one has to be cleaned a lot if you don't want your clothes to stink, but sometimes after cleaning there is still an odor. It started making a funny noise when the drum went around, and now when you have a load in it won't drain or spin correctly, I had to drain the tub using the tube in front, checked the plug, and it was pretty clean. I did get it to spin the water out of the clothes, but it still makes this "noise". Called Customer Service, and of course they won't do an over-the-phone diagnostic because I didn't buy the extended warranty, I have to schedule a service call. God only knows how much this will end up costing me! I wish I had just gone with a cheap throw-away.

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Philadelphia, PA

Aug 5 , 2013
LE Error All The Time

If you want to wash more than four towels at once, don't buy this washer. We get LE Errors that don't clear unless we drain the drum and then reduce the load - by pulling dripping wet towels or jeans out of it to reduce the weight. What would normally be a single load wash, ends being 3 washes as you have to always split your load. I would not recommend this washer to anyone. Also the maximum wash time is 56 minutes, which is very low.

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La Crescenta, CA

Jul 10 , 2013
No air circulation post wash

This washer is great for washing clothes, but when you stop washing and close the door, it collects condensation and doesn't air out well. It gets mildew-smelling very fast. If you are contemplating between the upright or front-loading, stick with the upright. The upright seems to drain better and it clears out better.

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