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Kenmore Elite  24'' Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel  ENERGY STAR®

  Item#  02212763000 | Model#  12763

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 Rating 4.0 | 104 Reviews | Write a review
Reg Price: $1199.99
Savings: $600.00
Reg Price: $1199.99
Savings: $600.00
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Specifications & Dimensions

Cutout Dimensions: 24 W x 34 H x 24 D
Depth with Door Closed (in.): 24.874
Depth with Door Open (in.): 49
Item Weight (lbs.): 88
Maximum Height (in.): 35
Minimum Height (in.): 33.5
Number of Place Settings: 12
Width (in.): 24
Shipping Depth (in.): 26.5
Shipping Height (in.): 35.5
Shipping Width (in.): 24.25
Color and Styling:
Color Coordinated Control Panel: Yes
Color Family: Stainless steel
Handle Color: Stainless steel
Product Overview:
Installable Under Sink: No
Fill Hose Included: No
Interior Size: Tall
Annual Operating Cost, Estimated $ (Electric Water Heater): 28
Annual Operating Cost, Estimated $ (Gas Water Heater): 22
Control Type: Electronic
Minimum Circuit Breaker: 15 amps
Sound Level (Decibels): 48
General Features:
Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
Control Location: Front Panel
Control Panel Lockout: Yes
Cycle Countdown: No
Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Wash: Yes
Door Style: Flat
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Filter Cleaning: Manual-clean filter
Food Disposal: No
General Warranty: 2 year limited
Glass Trap: No
Power Cord Included: No
Sensor Washing: Yes
Wash Tower: No Glossary
Water Filtration: Yes
Convenience Features:
Detergent Dispenser: Yes
Multiple Door Positions: Yes
Quiet Package: Yes
Start Button Memory: Yes Glossary
Rack Material: Nylon
Tub Material: Stainless steel
Standard Cycles:
Cancel & Drain: Yes
Heavy Duty Cycle: No
High Temp Wash: Yes
Light Wash: No
Normal Wash Cycle: Yes
Number of Automatic Cycles: 5
Pot & Pan Cycle: Yes
Pre Soak Cycle: No
Quick Wash: Yes
Special Cycles:
China, Gentle Wash: No
Glassware Cycle: No
Lower Rack Wash Only: No
NSF Certified Rinse: Yes
Plastic Item Cycle: No
Plate Warmer Cycle: No
Drying Options:
Heated Dry: Yes
Unheated Air Dry: No
Number of Drying Options: 1
Upper Rack Features:
Adjustable Upper Rack: Yes
Removable Upper Rack: Yes
Silverware Basket Upper Rack: No
Small Item Holder: No
Upper Rack Fold Down Tines: Yes
Upper Rack No Flip Clips: Yes
Upper Rack Wash Only: Yes
Lower Rack Features:
Cutlery Holder: No
Lower Rack Fold Down Tines: Yes
Lower Rack No Flip Clips: No
Removable Lower Rack: Yes
Silverware Basket Lower Rack: Yes
Silverware Basket Splittable: Yes
Silverware Basket w/Covers: Yes
Stemware Holder: Yes
Third Rack: No
Wash Rinse Options:
High Temp Rinse: Yes
Quick Rinse: Yes
Rinse Aid Dispenser: Yes
Rinse Aid Dispenser Indicator: Yes
Sanitary Rinse: Yes
ADA Compliant: No
ENERGY STAR Compliant: Yes


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Product Description

Kenmore Elite 24" Built-In Dishwasher - For Your Messiest Dishes

The Kenmore Elite 24" Built-In Dishwasher 1276 features PowerWash technology to clean your messiest dishes. Using a spiral spray pattern rather than the more common circular pattern, this dishwasher will make your dishes sparkle. Several rotating spray jets make up the TurboZone, a new generation of dish-washing technology that gives you double the coverage of any other 24" built-in dishwasher. This powerful washing cycle won't interrupt your daily life, though, as its 48 decibels are quiet enough for you to carry on a conversation without having to raise your voice. With this Kenmore dishwasher, doing the dishes will seem like magic.

  • 360° PowerWash Technology uses an innovative spray arm to reach deep into corners and blast dishes clean from all angles, to quickly erase grease, food and leftover soap.
  • TurboZone® with Rotating Spray Jets uses 6 pressurized spray nozzles to blast through tough, stuck-on residue and foods like lipstick, oatmeal, cheese and baked-on egg.
  • The Sanitizing Rinse Cycle is NSF-certified to remove 99.99% of bacteria left on dishes, pots, pans and utensils, for a healthier kitchen and dishes clean enough to eat off of.
  • Powerful cleaning and energy savings in one, UltraClean blasts the toughest dirt and baked-on messes loose, while using less resources and energy than other heavy duty cycles.
  • The SmartWash™ HE Cycle automatically adjusts water and energy use to the load size and degree of cleaning needed, helping save valuable resources.
  • The UltraWash® HE Filter traps food particles and keeps them from re-entering the dishwasher, so water is cleaner and dishes shine bright.
  • Featuring rapid cleaning power, the 1-Hour Wash Cycle speeds your dishes, silverware and stemware back into service.

Added on February 23, 2013


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104 Reviews Write a review
69 Reviewers (66.0%) would recommend this to a friend.
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Most Helpful Reviews

Praise22 found this helpful
Oct 7 , 2014
18 months and still pleased
At about 18 months we have experienced no problems; ours is still working fine, and quiet. Our only complaint is that it's too quiet, we have to look at the control panel to know that it is still running. Did I mention that it is very quiet. We use detergent pods/packets, the kind that small children mistake for candy, and are very pleased with how clean the dishes come out. Here are a few more details: ** The heated dry option works ok, but as with most models the coffee mugs retain enough water that they need to be dried by hand. We usually just partially open the door at the end when the process is completed and go to bed. By morning even the cups are dry. ** One of the reasons that we choose this unit was the racks. I discovered from reading numerous user comments, and then my own observations, many other brands, like Bosch, have the tines spaced too close for U.S. dishes, but the racks in this model are great. In fact, my wife is still talking about how this machine holds about 50% more than our previous one so it takes us longer to accumulate a "full" load. ** Because of the water recycle feature, it uses very little water compared with our previous machine, and because my wife rinses the dishes before adding them to the load, the cleanable water strainer-filter has not actually needed cleaning the several times that we checked it. ** We prefer the front panel controls, even more so after realizing that the top-of-door controls and indicators of the hidden-control models are actually hidden under the edge of the countertop while the units are operating. ** Our previous Maytag dishwasher had a manual dial cycle selecting timer control, and only 4 pushbuttons for options. It was still working great after 15 years, but the racks were rusting badly and the cost of replacement racks was nearly the price of a complete dishwasher. After investing a huge amount of time researching the ridiculous assortment of available models, this one came very close to meeting all of our criteria, and did not have the common pattern of negative reviews. At the 1.5 year mark we are still pleased with our choice.
Criticism22 found this helpful
Jun 14 , 2014
Make sure you bring your dishes when you buy this one. We use nice large plates and although they fit in out old Bosch, they are too big for this model. You have to place them outside of range of he upper spray propeller, which is annoying and limits the amount of dishes you can put in. If a large plate sits in front of the soap container, it will not open and you will wash without soap. Also the cycle takes WAY too long. On normal wash you get to wait 2.5 hours for your dishes, which at times still are stained. All in all, for a $1.000 model I am disappointed and I wish I would have bought a Bosch.


Bossier City, LA

May 4 , 2015
Junk. Racks are terrible

I have had this dishwasher for 9 months and now it is falling apart. Racks are terrible. Bottom rack will fall off of track all the time. Now the top rack is broken. Made by whirlpool. Also sounds like pump is failing. Junk.

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Leesburg, FL

Apr 17 , 2015
Cleans Great & Very Quiet

The first one that was installed had a problem after 2 weeks, but they quickly replaced it. Of course it cleans great, but it is so quiet that I can't even tell it is operating at times.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Concord, CA

Mar 26 , 2015
Excellent dishwasher, excellent value. Lots of space!

Excellent dishwasher. Slightly biased review because I got this on sale at 54% off regular price the weekend before Memorial Day 2014. This makes give a full 5 start rating despite a few cons. I also make my own beer. This dishwasher is ideal for home brewers who use bottles. I have only ever used the Cascade Complete dual action packs (just enough rinse aid included for each wash). I do not fill the built in rinse aid reservoir. Pros: QUIET! I've never had a quiet dishwasher before. Apparently there is also an Ultra Quiet category that this dishwasher didn't make. I wouldn't spend the money on an Ultra quiet dishwasher. In the next room over in an open concept house, I can barely hear the dishwasher. With the TV on, I can not hear the dishwasher running Lots of space. The bottom rack sits lower in the dishwasher itself, giving plenty of room for the adjustable top rack if you decide to lower it. Point in case, I'm a home brewer that sanitizes bottles in the dishwasher. My last dishwasher I could only fit about 28 16 oz beer bottles and could only use the lower rack. With this dishwasher, I fit 62 of those bottles since they fit on the upper rack if I lower it, and all three spinning blades that spray water still had room to spin. This drastically reduces the chore of getting my bottles clean. Sanitizing cycle: Hospital grade sanitizing, which makes sure my home brew bottles are nice and clean. Water saving cycle: I live in drought stricken California. I can save water (the cycle is about 4 hours, do this overnight). Turbo Zone: That really really works on crusted casserole dishes. No need to pre-soak before putting into the dishwasher. We've even forgot to press the Turbo Zone button before running the dishwasher once, and a nasty dish was still sparkling clean. Wine glass clips: There are clips so you can safely wash two wine glasses with stems. We don't host tons of dinner parties, and we only have wine a few times a month. Two clips are sufficient for my household. Others may desire more. 3 splay blades: Bottom, top, and one attached to the bottom of the top rack that sprays in both directions. Complete coverage (see Turbo Zone above... when I forgot to enable Turbo Zone). Value: Major name brand quality at a more affordable price (check for super sales, I got this for a steal) Cons: Front panel control buttons are sensitive. I have leaned against the dishwasher mid cycle and it turned off. I corrected by not leaning against my dishwasher mid cycle. Cycle times are a little long. However, if doing full loads, due to how much I can load into the dishwasher, this is still shorter than running the dishwasher twice. No upper rack basket. This seems to be standard on several models these days. Only two wine stem clips: The clips are individual fold up when needed, and down when not needed, taking up no space at all. 4 clips would be nice for a set. Overall, EXCELLENT dishwasher. Very happy!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Mar 20 , 2015
Kennmore elite dishwasher

Very impressed with this unit. Really like the clean, sleek look. The options allow you to choose the correct level of cleaning needed for each load.. There isn't one thing I don't like about it.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Wayne, MI

Mar 2 , 2015
still wet inside

It does a good job of washing pots/pans and all dishes that you can put in it, but when you try to dry them it still leaves them a little wet, with water in the bottom of the washer.

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Clinton, WA

Feb 12 , 2015
CLEAN dishes!

We've had this installed for about a week and a half. We do a lot of dishes so this has been utilized quite a bit already. It really gets the dishes clean and it's quiet. There are a lot of choices for cycles and I like that. But I usually just use the one hour cycle to save time and energy, otherwise the cycles are long. No matter, it really does what it is supposed to do and does it well. It is the quietest dishwasher we have ever had. Someone mentioned that it was easy to accidentally turn it on. The buttons are sensitive but I don't close it completely and so then the buttons cant accidentally be turned on. There are four blue lights on the front that go on during wash and when it is done, a green light comes on. The stainless is easily wiped down with a microfiber cloth and it looks very nice.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Columbus, GA

Jan 26 , 2015
Excellent and simplicity

I am so far extremely happy, my fingers are crossed hoping for continued excellence.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Livonia, MI

Jan 20 , 2015
So quiet

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Penland, NC

Jan 20 , 2015
Money Pit

I purched a Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Dishwasher three yrs ago. It stopped working in September 2014. I called my local sears store for a repair man. They dont have one. But gave me a number I could call for service. It is now January 2015 !!!! I have replaced- control board ( twice) due to a lose clamp on drain pump which shorted out motor. I found that out by purching a motor and finding out water was being sprayed on another motor. I have spent 700.00 for labor and parts. Im now trying to contact Kenmore. This dishwasher was a total money pit... Dont buy it

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Akron, NY

Jan 17 , 2015
Great dishwasher

I like that it has a smart wash, sanitize and a quick wash.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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