no refrigerator has more capacity1

33 cu. ft. french door refrigerator
33 cu. ft.
french door refrigerator shop now
  • Fit up to 58 12 oz. packages of sliced cheese and more.2

    This gourmet pantry drawer holds more than ever before so you have more room when you need it.

  • Store up to 55 12 oz.
    cans3 in the door.

    Large capacity door bins let you easily entertain a crowd without a separate cooler.

  • No other 3-door bottom-freezer
    refrigerator has more freezer capacity.1

    With 10.5 cu. ft. of freezer storage space, you can stock-up and store more.

  • Enjoy 100% use of
    the top shelf.4

    Thanks to the slim in-door ice-maker, you can store more on the top shelf. In fact, no other French door bottom freezer refrigerator holds more 12 oz. soda cans on the top shelf.

  • Save more space with
    recessed LED lighting.

    Lights on top and along the sides are recessed to give you more storage space as they shed light on the contents of your fridge.

  • Compact water filter frees
    up shelf space.

    Space-saving design is recessed into the ceiling of the refrigerator so you have more usable shelf space for more of your favorite foods.

Incredible capacity and convenience

31 cu. ft. french door refrigerator
30 cu. ft.
side-by-side refrigerator shop now
  • Bigger bins hold up to
    140 oranges.6

    The crisper and temperature-controlled bins are worth their weight in oranges when it comes to providing the room to store fruit or veggies.

  • Space for wine
    in the fridge.

    This rack, which hangs below the shelf is designed to hold wine or other tall, bottled beverages, maximizing space in the fridge.

  • No side-by-side refrigerator has more gallon door storage.7

    Four adjustable door bins let you store extra-large items like eight gallon-sized containers, freeing up more valuable shelf space.

  • Fit up to 10 more8
    pizzas in the freezer.

    By moving the SpaceSaver™ Ice System to the door, we've freed up room in the freezer compartment to store more of your favorite foods.

  • No side-by-side refrigerator has more shelf space.9

    Full-width glass shelves provide wide open spaces to store food with ease.

  • A spot for all your
    cans or bottles.

    This easily accessible rack organizes five cans or bottles within the refrigerator door, freeing up extra shelf space.

no 4-door refrigerator has more capacity10

30 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator
31 cu. ft.
french door refrigerator shop now
  • Not just 1, but
    2 freezer drawers.

    Thanks to spacious Dual Freezer Drawers, you can separate and organize frozen foods in a way that works best for you and your family.

  • Get easy access to
    frequently used foods.

    The upper drawer offers a perfect spot for your favorite frozen foods.

  • Store larger items with ease.

    Storing a full-size turkey is no problem in the roomy lower drawer.

  • Roomy pantry drawer lets you
    store extra wide items.

    Having a party, that deli tray will easily slip into this easy-to-access pantry drawer.

  • Find extra-space throughout
    the extra-large interior.

    Generous door bins, wide pantry drawers, and spacious shelves mean plenty of space for all the week's groceries and more.

  • Easy-Glide divider gives you the flexibility to customize.

    Create separate compartments with these dividers to accommodate your personal storage needs and improve organization.

no other freestanding range has larger capacity11

double oven freestanding range
shop now
  • Cook 2 full-size meals at the same time at different temperatures.

    With two 3.5 cu. ft. ovens, there's room for a 28-lb. turkey in one oven, and two casseroles plus a large ham in the other.

  • Cook 6 racks of
    cookies at once.

    This Kenmore, super-sized 6.1 cu ft. capacity oven lets you bake up to 100 cookies at a time.

  • Enjoy more cooktop flexibility.

    The Triple-Ring Element lets you choose from a 6", 9" or 12"-diameter element to fit your pan for more efficient, effective cooking.

  • Bring liquids to a boil faster 12

    A 9-inch TurboBoil™ element uses 3,200 watts of power to bring liquids to a boil quickly.

  • Keep foods warm until
    ready to serve.

    The Warm and Ready zone keeps food at the desired serving temperature until you bring them to the table.

  • 25 different settings offer
    precision cooking control.

    Precision Set Controls transform every element with precise, incremental adjustments from simmer to a rolling boil.

the biggest Kenmore® front-load laundry pair ever13

  • Up to 35% faster wash times.13

    Accela-Wash™ uniquely combines Active Spray™ and Active Rinse™ to get full size loads cleaner, faster without compromising performance.

  • Cleans an entire king size bedding set in 1 load.14

    Thanks to a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity and the Comforter cycle you can clean a king size comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and two king size pillowcases in a single wash.

  • Dry a complete king size
    bedding set in 1 load.14

    This super spacious 9.0 cu. ft. dryer provides the capacity needed to handle large, bulky items.

  • Effectively cleans 28 extra-large bath towels in a single load.15

    A day at the beach doesn't have to turn into days of laundry with this spacious washer.

  • Get back over 2 hours
    on laundry day.16

    The roomy 5.2 cu. ft. capacity washer allows you to wash more loads in less time.

  • Sanitize items
    right in the dryer.

    The NSF® Sanitize Dry Cycle eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria and is perfect for sanitizing non-washable items like decorative pillows and teddy bears,

  • 1) Among leading brands refrigerator capacity measured through Association of
    Home appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) standards.
  • 2) Using 12 oz. Kraft American cheese singles 16-slice package.
  • 3) Storage space measured through Kenmore Brand standards.
  • 4) Among leading brands refrigerators based on Kenmore soda cans test procedure WI 4-73.
  • 5) Among leading brand 36" side-by-side whose capacity is measured through AHAM standards.
  • 6) Average orange size = 3" diameter.
  • 7) Among leading brand 36" freestanding side-by-side refrigerators with gallon door storage.
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  • 11) Among leading brands of freestanding, slide-in and drop-in ranges.
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  • 16) Based on 8 (8 lb.) loads in an 8 hour day when using Accela-Wash? option.