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Kenmore  3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer - White  ENERGY STAR®

  Item#  02641122000 | Model#  41122

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 Rating 3.5 | 27 Reviews | Write a review
Reg Price: $899.99
Savings: $350.00
Reg Price: $899.99
Savings: $350.00
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Specifications & Dimensions

Shipping Depth (in.): 38.875
Shipping Height (in.): 28.562
Shipping Width (in.): 33.687
Quiet Package: No
Cord Length (ft.): 5
Dimensions and Capacity:
Depth with Door Closed (in.): 31.3
Depth with Door Open (in.): 51.4
Height to Top of Cabinet: 36.0
Washer Interior Capacity (cu. ft.): 3.9 Glossary
Washer Interior Size: Less than 4 cu. ft. Glossary
Weight (lbs.): 235
Width (in.): 27.0
Color and Styling:
Color Family: White
Reversible Door: No
Product Overview:
Accessories Included: 1 Drain Hose & Anti-siphon ring
Weight, Shipping: 247
Exterior Features: Vent Door Latch
Minimum Circuit Rating: 15 amps
Voltage: 110/120V
General Features:
Adjustable Legs: Yes
Control Type: Electronic
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Fill Hoses Included: No
General Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Power Cord Included: Yes
Remote Diagnostics: No Remote Diagnostics
Stackable with Matching Unit: Yes
Water Factor: 2.8
Top and Lid Material: Powder coated
Wash Basket Material: Stainless steel
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1200
Number of Water Temperatures: 5
Wash Agitator (Motion): Tumble Action
Dispensers: Bleach Dispenser, Detergent, Fabric Softener Dispenser
Standard Cycles:
Normal Wash Cycle: Yes
Wash Cycles: Permanent Press Cycle, Heavy Duty Wash Cycle, Delicate Wash Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle
Cycle Options:
Color Cycle: No
Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Wash: Yes
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Number of Soil Levels: 5
Specialty Options: Stain Boost-Save Energy-Extra Rinse-Chime-Control Lock-Delay Wash-LED Display-Clean Washer Cycle-Door Vent Latch
Spin Speed Option: 5 Spin Speeds Selections (Extra High, High, Medium, Low, No Spin)
ENERGY STAR Compliant: Yes
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year: 96
Modified Energy Factor: 3.35
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Product Description

Kenmore 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer - Smart Washing

The energy efficient White Kenmore 3.9 cu. ft. front-load washer 41122 includes five different cycle options, five speeds, five temperatures and three soil levels so you can accommodate any wash load. Its Delay Start option gives you flexibility, and Kenmore's Vibration Guard technology keeps large loads balanced for smooth and quiet use. Advance Rinsing Technology allows fresh water rinse to bypass the dispenser to shower directly down on the clothes for optimal detergent/softener removal. This front-load washer is ENERGY STAR certified, using 43% less water and 63% less energy than non-certified washers. The Bulky Bedding setting is specially designed for large blankets, mattress pads and similar items. Bring this front-load washer into your home and take advantage of its wide range of settings.

  • Stainboost™ extends wash time for a deeper soak, better cleaning penetration and more powerful stain removal while remaining gentle on fabrics.
  • A small footprint makes this washer an easy fit for apartments, basements and starter homes, while powerful performance delivers the same clean you’d expect from larger machines.
  • Using a mutli speed motor, vibration dampers and sophisticated software, Vibration Guard™ Technology ensures smooth, quiet performance even on the spin cycle.
  • The Delayed Start Option lets you start the cycle on your schedule, so you can set it, head out and come home to freshly cleaned laundry that hasn’t been sitting all day.

Added on October 03, 2013


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Most Helpful Reviews

Praise71 found this helpful
Dec 10 , 2013
Awesome Buy!
We bought these on thanksgiving for a steal! Got home and ran 4 loads in no time. Quiet and feature packed. Thanks Sears!
Criticism48 found this helpful
Jul 24 , 2014
Disappointed mommy
I bought this stackable washer and dryer when I was 9 months pregnant and have had it for about 2 months now. I bought this set because I was having my 3rd child and our old washer and dryer needed to be replaced, so I thought this washer and dryer set would be great because I would need to wash frequently with the new baby. It was the worst idea ever. From the moment it was delivered I was not convinced. After they were installed i opened the washer door and it smelled a bit odd, a little musty. I asked the person who had delivered and installed it about the smell and he reassured me it would go away after a few cycles. I trusted him and went ahead and did my first load. I was so disappointed when I pulled the clothes out of the dryer. I had done a load of whites, but they were not very white and did not smell clean. I went ahead and washed them again. How is it energy efficient when I have to wash each load twice? And lets not forget all the water the washer leaves in the detergent compartment! I have to be very careful when opening it because it is always full of water and spills all over my floor when I want to add detergent for a new load. Yes. It leaves the compartment full of water after every wash. And my biggest complaint besides the fact that it scares my children when it is doing the spin cycle that shakes my entire home, it does a horrible job at washing my newborns clothes! That was the main reason for purchasing this set. Every time I wash my newborns clothes, her socks and other tiny clothes get trapped under the washer door. It is extremely frustrating. If I would have known how horrible this washer was I never would have gotten rid of my top loader. Now that was a washer. It cleaned my clothes properly the first time and left it smelling clean. I would not recommend this washer to anyone who has young children. I would invest my money on a top loader for sure.


El Cajon, CA

Jan 17 , 2015
Great Value

Had this unit for a while now. We originally bought it just for renting out our condo. We still live here though and use the washer and dryer combo with our newborn every day. We were skeptical at first because of some of the bad reviews but we thought it would be okay for a rental property. It works great! Can't believe some of these bad reviews. Especially for the price, this is a great buy! It's super quiet (compared to the conventional style we had in here) and is extremely efficient. I've never owned a front loading set before but I'm never going back. This unit is also very intuitive to use. The detergent drawer does get a little water built up in it but if you open it with normal force it doesn't "splash all over the place" like some have said. It also has a quick release button so if you wish you can easily empty it to avoid any "mold build up". If you're using it regularly this shouldn't happen anyway. The only reason I didn't give it a five star rating is because when drying on "casual" (perm press), even with a small load, it doesn't completely dry. I believe this is just because the pre-set for the casual setting has it set to low heat. When on "normal" it increases to very high heat and and will dry a full load in 30 minutes. So I just change the dry temp to medium for the casual setting and it dries just fine. So the only draw back is the pre-set settings are a little conservative on a unit that already uses very little energy; definitely worth the price tag. Enjoy.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Pomona, CA

Jan 2 , 2015
Great starts washer and dryer

I picked these up on Black Friday along with all my appliances, they look great and the price was great so i figured, why not? After my friend was done installing I tried it out, and as I read in other reviews, it shook violently! I went through the manual trying to figure out what my friend missed. The unit was level and surprisingly after removing thr 4 shipping bolts and spaces that my friend left in, it ran perfectly. I adjusted the balance just a tad and it runs great even on high spin. I no longer worry about the unit breaking through my wall.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Bolivar, MO

Dec 29 , 2014
Great Deal!!

I bought this washer and dryer set on Black Friday 2014 for a steal of a deal. My fiance and I had been looking on Craigslist for a washer and dryer but people were pricing old beat up top loaders for at least half the price we got this brand new front loader! I was skeptical from the start about this washer and dryer set due to all of the mixed (5 star and 1 star) reviews. Needless to say the set never had any of the issues I read about and has worked wonderfully for us. There has been zero water left in my detergent dispenser so I have not had any issues with water spilling out when opening the drawer. The machine is quiet and does not shake any more than any other front loader I had ever been around. Our clothes come out clean, and our towels come out fully dry in half the time it takes other driers. As far as the people complaining about a smell and mold grow that is simply because they don't know how to properly care for a front loading machine. Front loaders are simply more high maintenance than top loaders. We keep a dish towel next to our washer to soak up the water in the rubber ring after we our done with our loads and leave the door open until it is dry. This prevents any smell or mold production. Also make sure you are using detergent that has HE for high efficiency on it. This prevents the washer from getting a soapy/grimy film on the inside. It has been a great washer and dryer for the price!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Dec 12 , 2014
Great Set

We purchased this set on Cyber Monday with the stacking kit. Cleans well, is quiet and a great unit for our condo. I have had front loading machines for 20 years. I have a samsung unit that I paid three times the price of this unit. I think this one cleans just as well and it has all the settings you really need. I noticed some previous reviews that noted vibration issues. It is critical that front loading machines be installed correctly and leveled in all directions. I haven't used the soap dispenser as I prefer to use laundry pods. Also, I leave the washers door opened after using until the rubber ring is dry to prevent mildew (a previous issue with a whirlpool unit). Overall a great washer for the price!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Santa Clara, UT

Nov 28 , 2014

I gt this in a package for the Labor Day sale. It was great for my rental.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Rapid City, SD

Nov 18 , 2014

This washer is very very quiet and has all of the options I need. My advice to anyone having problems with it is read the manual, don't overload it and don't use too much soap. Also keep the door open between uses. It's a really good washer if you follow the instructions in the manual.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Clifton Heights, PA

Nov 12 , 2014
Great buy

I usually only buy top line machines. I just loved the height. My steam washer and dryer were too.tall stacked. It was difficult to grab the last few socks hanging out in the back of the dryer. I saw this set for a 3rd of the price i paid for my old washer and dryer. The reviews weren't great i just about canceled the purchase. It's a great buy for very nice machines. I would highly recommend!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Williamsburg, VA

Sep 29 , 2014
Twice as expensive as its worth

This washer requires you to hit the power button prior to every cycle, even if you have clothes that just finished. It does not remember your previous settings, so if you forget to set them, I hope you like warm washes. Other reviewers are correct, the detergent drawer has water left over after the cycle is finished, although I haven't noticed it being enough to spill. Clothes can easily get underneath the door into the well between the drum and the door. When the washer starts, it sounds like it's broken as it spits a small amount of water into the drum over and over. I assume it's trying to determine the size of the load compared to the amount of water, but it sounds broken every time. I also experienced a high pitched whine at the start of wash cycles. During the actual washing, it's pretty quiet, but not any more or less than other washers. The hose connectors on the back are plastic and difficult to attach hoses to. The plastic is soft, and looks like the threads will strip very easily. When I ran a normal cycle on cold, the tub was warm when the cycle was over. I'm trying the "Cold Clean" setting now to see if there's any way to not use warm water during a cycle. All in all, I feel like I bought an entry level washer for mid level prices. I would recommend buying another brand.

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Sep 23 , 2014
Very Disappointed

After 1 day of use, we are extremely disappointed about this washer/dryer combo. In particular, the washer is very bad. 1. The motor is too powerful for this unit. Even on low spin, it shakes the whole house (and it put holes in my wall). 2. The accumulation of water in the soap/bleach/fabric softner after each wash is a terrible design flaw. You will definitely spill water every time you open it. 3. The control panel is a little misleading. It appears that there are many options, but when you try them, there are only a few that you will actually use. And normally, we check reviews before we purchase anything! I couldn't recommend this unit to anybody, especially all the patch work I have to do to my walls...

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Callicoon Center, NY

Sep 15 , 2014
via mobile
Someone who has done laundry for over 25 years

If I could rate this washer as a zero I would. It has never worked right and the repair guy is coming out for the fourth time. It can only handle about a third of the load my other machine washed. Sometimes it spins the water out sometimes it doesn't . Now winter is coming and I can't wash my king size blankets, even the sheet are iffy, and my husbands heavy sweatshirts and jeans unless I wash one at a time. I am beyond disappointed with my sears product.

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