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the most powerful
vacuums among
the leading brands.*

Dust and allergens don’t stand a chance
with a 3-D inducer motor in our upright and
canister vacuums, delivering 20% more power.**

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Look for these badges on our top performers:

*Rated based on ASTM F558.
**As compared to previous Kenmore Intuition upright suction motors.

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floor care essentials

upright vacuums

Powerful suction and a controlled glide make these lean, mean cleaning machines. Move flawlessly from carpeted to bare floors and use attachments for hard-to-reach places.

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canister vacuums

These canisters take versatile cleaning to a new level with innovative features. Effortlessly move from floors to stairs, upholstery, molding, baseboards and even ceiling fans.

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vacuum accessories

Keep dirt, debris and allergens in check with helpful accessories for your vacuum cleaners. Find HEPA certified bags, filters, replacement belts, brushes and more.

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Dirt Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Powerful suction, beltless drives, exceptional cleaning attachments and other performance features ensure dirt gets bagged for good.
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3-D inducer motor

It's the most powerful Kenmore motor ever with 20%
more air power to thoroughly remove dirt and debris.*

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*As compared to previous Kenmore Intuition upright suction motors.

Power-Flow technology

A double-wall design keeps air flowing as the bag fills
to optimize suction power and maintain performance.

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Pet Handi-Mate® and PowerMate

Building from our previous powermate tool, this new powerful design provides quick and effective pet hair cleanup.

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Direct Drive® beltless agitator

Combines three motors to provide constant cleaning power without the use of belts, reducing the need for maintenance.

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no more chores

Convenience features on these upright and canister vacuums make cleaning hard-to-reach places and multiple surfaces easier than ever.
infrared dirt sensor

Dirt's out of hiding places with this sensor that alerts you to hard-to-see debris, for a good, deep-down clean.

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additional on-board tools

A variety of versatile cleaning tools are stored onboard the canister, for quick and convenient access whenever they are needed.

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check bag indicator

Get rid of the guessing games with this helpful indicator light that shows when to replace the bag for optimal performance.

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CrossOver bare floor nozzle

An additional floor brush is connected and nested inside the nozzle for quick transitions from carpet to bare-floor cleaning.

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ceiling fan tool

This convenient ceiling fan tool makes cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze.

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stair grip

A unique design lets the canister rest securely on the stairs for worry-free stair cleaning.

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lay flat/swivel wand

Easily maneuvers around tight corners of the home and lays flat to clean underneath furniture.

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telescoping wand

Don't miss any dust or dirt with this detachable wand that makes it easy to reach and clean ceiling fans and high shelves.

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freshness from the floor up

AAFA Certification & HEPA Filtration

Ideal for those with asthma and allergies, these uprights and canisters meet ASP:03:01 standard for vacuum cleaners.

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