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Bring superior comfort to your home with optimal indoor air moisture levels. The Kenmore 12-gallon evaporative humidifier is ideal for any indoor area up to 2,500 sq. ft.

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    humidifiers | more moisture for superior comfort

    Add moisture to dry air and enjoy superior comfort in your home with this contemporary humidifier. The 12-gallon output over a 24 hour period of time is ideal for areas up to 2,500 sq. ft., based on a 9 ft. ceiling height.

    Set and monitor humidity levels on the digital LED display. In precise, 5% increments, you can select the targeted humidity level from 20 - 65%. The unit automatically cycles on and off when the selected humidity level is reached.

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    dehumidifiers | enjoy optimal indoor air quality

    Remove up to 70 pints of excess moisture from the air in your home for optimal indoor air quality every day. This Kenmore Elite® dehumidifier features a built-in pump and wireless monitoring station so it can be used in any room.

    Skip the guesswork! Auto Mode automatically sets and maintains a comfortable humidity level for your home. Plus, Microban® Antimicrobial technology inhibits odor-causing bacterial growth on the bucket surface.

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