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ENERGY STAR® rated air conditioners and air purifiers use 10% less energy than the government standard, helping you save energy and money.

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air conditioner & air purifier highlights

less than 8,000 BTUs

Cools small rooms/areas — typically less than 350 sq. ft.

Energy-conscious cooling with Energy Saver feature

8,000 - 15,100 BTUs

Cools larger rooms/areas — typically less than 900 sq. ft.

One-touch controls featuring Auto Cool, Timers and Sleep Mode

more than 18,000 BTUs

Cools areas greater than 900 – 1,700 sq. ft.

Precise temperature management with Remote Temperature Sensing*

air purifiers

Removes smoke, dust & pollen with 3-Stage Cleaning

Keeps allergens at bay with True HEPA Filtration

*Available on select models.

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