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  • Width

    Measure the width (side to side) where your refrigerator will go, and allow at least two extra inches for the door to swing open.

  • Height Top of the Case

    Measure the height (top to bottom) where your refrigerator will go. If you have a cabinet that hangs above that’s flush with the top of the refrigerator, be aware the refrigerator’s top hinges will need to clear the space.

  • Depth

    Measure the depth (front to back) where your refrigerator will go. Allow two inches of extra depth for waterline access in the back if you want an ice maker and/or dispenser.

    Standard refrigerators (34 ¼ inches deep) are a few inches deeper than your countertops. If you want a built-in look without the custom price, consider a counter-depth refrigerator (30 inches deep) that will sit flush with the front of your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure you measure all doorways that your new refrigerator will be passing through to ensure that it can be easily moved into your home.

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