get clothes clean
in 29 minutes.*

Wash more loads in less time.
Accela Wash® technology turns
“laundry day” into “laundry hour.”

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*With Accela Wash® feature activated washing an 8 lb. load
on Normal cycle, default settings.

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laundry essentials

HE front-load

Big and energy efficient, these front-load washers deliver on innovation and capacity.

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introducing! HE top-load

Improved technology on impellers, agitators and wash cycles get clothes clean while saving resources.

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Larger capacities, energy savings and advanced drying features deliver the ultimate in fabric care.

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discover a better way to care for clothes

Give our exclusive Smart Motion Technology* a spin
to find the best clean for your clothes with custom wash motions.

Wash Motions

This conventional wash motion moves clothes from the bottom to the top of the drum in a large circular motion for even distribution.
High spin speeds at the beginning of the cycle push water and detergent through clothes to thoroughly saturate with detergent and assist cleaning.
Clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and then sharply fall to the bottom of the drum, helping to enhance cleaning performance.
Clothes are gently moved in a small circle along the drum's bottom, keeping them immersed in water.
Clothes are gently tossed side-to-side for a delicate hand wash effect.
Wash drum alternates direction, causing friction between garments, which creates a scrubbing effect and keeps clothes immersed in water.
  • Normal | Casual
  • Bulky | Bedding
  • Kids Wear
  • Heavy Duty
  • Whitest Whites
  • Express Wash
  • Rugged
  • Cold Clean®
  • Sanitize
  • Delicates
  • Handwash | Wool
  • Workout Wear

*Not all specialty wash motions are available on all models.

taking performance to a whole new level

Our washers are packed with performance innovations to tackle
the worst dirt and deliver the clean your clothes deserve.

rugged cycle

Kenmore Exclusive: Designed to aggressively clean sturdy fabrics like work wear, throw rugs and heavy blankets with the power of steam.

kids wear cycle

Kenmore Exclusive: Tackles tough kids stains with a combination of Stepping and Rolling and adds a second rinse to remove detergent residue.

workout wear cycle

Kenmore Exclusive: Delivers better cleaning to high performance workout fabrics with cooler temperatures and a combination of Tumbling and Swinging.

steam treat

Virtually eliminate the need to pre-treat stains and tackle common tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.* This option is tested to clean stains like syrup, coffee, juice and more.

*With Accela Wash® feature activated washing an 8 lb. load on default Normal cycle.
*Based on an 8 lb. load with Accela Wash® activated vs. a Normal cycle, number of loads washed in 8 hours.

clean clothes in as little as 29 minutes*

Accela Wash® combines the Active Spray and Active Rinse
nozzles to get loads cleaner, faster.

active spray

For a faster soaking time and a truly deep clean, dual spray nozzles in the front of the washer deliver a concentrated detergent solution directly onto clothes

active rinse

Get fast, effective rinsing with a high-pressure nozzle above the door that sprays fine water particles through clothes during high spin speeds.

Use Accela Wash®
with these cycles:

Whitest Whites • Heavy Duty •
Sanitize • Express Wash • Bulky •

*With Accela Wash® feature activated washing an 8 lb. load on Normal cycle, default settings.

taking convenience to a whole new level

A load of convenience cycles and options
make laundry easier than ever.

Stay Fresh® option

Periodically tumbles the wash load for up to 19 hours to help keep clothes smelling fresh and to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.

express wash cycle

Now you can wash and dry a small load in about 45 minutes using the Express Wash and Express Dry cycles.*

Cold Clean® cycle

For a more green clean, Cold Clean® uses a cold-water wash to clean as effectively as a warm-water wash, while using 48% less energy than our already efficient normal cycle.

quiet operation

Vibration Guard Technology helps ensure smooth, quiet performance, using a combination of the Direct Drive Motor, vibration dampers and sophisticated software to reduce noise and vibration.

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